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Kindness Sharing time

Sharing time- Being Kind is Doing and Saying Nice Things to Others

July 2012 Week 2 Theme

Yesterday, I was walking and noticed some beautiful flowers.  Today, we are going to plant kindness seeds and grow love flowers. Just like we work with our hands to plant real seeds to grow into flowers, we can work with our hands to “plant seeds of good deeds” towards those around us. Sometimes we need tools or things that can help get the job done quicker or better like these shovels (show shovels) help us to plant seeds.  Tools of kindness could include a book that you are going to read your younger brother, or a duster to dust the house so mom doesn’t have to do it.  Sometimes, we, ourselves are the tools, by using our ears to listen to someone’s problems, to smile at someone, or give a hug.

Will real flowers grow if we don’t care for them?  No, they need water and someone to look after them.  The flowers need Heavenly Father and Jesus’ help to get enough light and sunshine. We grow with more love every time we are kind.  (Show picture of sunflower seed compared to sunflower)  Isn’t it amazing that a small thing like this seed can grow into something like a huge sunflower? We can do small and simple kind acts for other people and make a big difference in their life.  In Alma 37:6 we read, “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” So we are going to plant kindness seeds and discover ways that we can scatter kindness to others at home, school, church, neighborhood, or anywhere we go!!

(The questions are written on slips of paper and attached to heart seeds made out of construction paper. The Primary child will choose a seed, remove the question and help discuss the question on the back.) 
Kindness seed packet image taken from

(They will decide which labeled pot that the seed should be planted in. Example: if the question is about mom it would go in the “parents pot”, or if the question is about teachers it would be inserted in the “teacher’s pot”, etc.) 

(Then a child will insert the “kindness seed” into the designated pot which will fall into the attached Ziploc bag and then have a child will pretend to water the pot.) 
Back of plant pot. The ziploc back is cut and the front is taped through the slit and attached to the other side. The pipe cleaner is taped to the bag
While pretending to water the plant, the instructor will push the pipe cleaner out of the opening of the pot symbolizing the plant growing.  

(When the pipe cleaner is fully extended, then take the sunshine ray that matches the pot’s label and read extra light from the Lord to help our love grow more.)

(Finally attach the paper flower on top of the pipe cleaner.)

(Paper flowers are made from folding tissue paper, cutting slits, wrapping them around a straw and taping the end to the straw.)

Flower pots were printed on brown construction paper and a red heart was cut from red construction paper. Taken from:

The sky and clouds background for the planted pots was taken from:

Questions attached to heart seeds and matching sunshine rays of light from the Lord:

FRIENDS- Your friend Zach seems sad today in Primary. What could you do to plant a kindness seed?
Light from the Lord (Sunshine ray labeled FRIENDS)- Ephesians 4:32- “And be ye kind one to another..." So be nice to your friends!
TEACHERS- Your Primary teacher is teaching a lesson and some of the children are being noisy. How could you plant a kindness seed?
Light from the Lord (Sunshine ray labeled TEACHERS)- Primary teachers love you and want you to be happy. (Have teachers sing: From “Teacher Do You Love me” CS, 178–79) “Oh yes, my child, I love you. My child, I’ll always care for you. And with the Savior as our guide, I’ll share the light I feel inside, And you will feel his love for you.” We can show respect and love back to our primary teachers and teachers at school too.
NEEDY- It is Christmas time and you know of a needy family that doesn’t have enough money to buy presents. What could you do to plant a kindness seed?
Light from the Lord (Sunshine ray labeled NEEDY)- D&C 38:35 “And they shall look to the poor and the needy, and administer to their relief that they shall not suffer...” We need to be kind and help those in need. Those that are sick, grandparents, elderly and others in need.  They may struggle with doing things that are easy for us to do.  
PARENTS- Your mom seems really tired and there is still a lot of laundry that needs to be folded. How could you plant a kindness seed?

Light from the Lord (Sunshine ray labeled PARENTS)- Mosiah 13:20Honor thy father and thy mother...” Honoring and showing respect to our parents is showing kindness.

NEIGHBORS- Your neighbor is moving next week to go to a new job. His house must be packed up quickly. What could you do to plant a kindness seed?

Light from the Lord (Sunshine ray labeled NEIGHBORS)- D&C 59:6 “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Treat others like you want to be treated.  You could go and help them pack.

ANIMALS- Your cousins find a dog in the neighborhood and begin to chase him and pull his tail. What kindness seed could you plant?

Light from the Lord (Sunshine ray labeled ANIMALS, could paraphrase story for time) Tall trees grew along the side of the road where he walked the cows. Spencer W. Kimball noticed that there were many little birds in those trees. When he saw the birds, he was tempted to shoot them to show what a good shot he was. But then he remembered a song that he sang in Primary. It said, “Don’t kill the little birds. … The earth is God’s Estate, and he provideth food for small as well as great.” Spencer thought of those words that he sang. He decided that the birds were important to Heavenly Father, and it was not right to kill them. So he was always careful to shoot his slingshot where he would not hit any birds (see Conference Report, Apr. 1978, p. 71; or Ensign, May 1978, p. 47)."love+animals" Lesson 35 in Primary 1 p. 115 “I Can be Kind to Animals”
SIBLINGS- Your little brother is playing with a puzzle and is getting frustrated because he is unable to complete it. What kindness seed could you plant?

Light from the Lord (Sunshine ray labeled SIBLINGS) 2 Peter 1:7- “And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity.” When we show our brothers and sisters kindness, it helps us become like Heavenly Father.

NONMEMBERS- You tell a nonmember friend at school about your fun activity day girls’ activity last week. She seems interested. How could you plant a kindness seed?
Light from the Lord (Sunshine ray labeled NONMEMBERS)-“Reaching out to others is one way you can share the gospel every day. Each time you tell the truth, are helpful and kind to your friends, or live the gospel standards, you are sharing the gospel. When you do these things, you are planting tiny seeds of the gospel in people’s hearts. Some of those seeds may someday grow into beautiful, strong testimonies of the gospel.”"share+the+gospel" Reach Out to Others, Thomas S. Monson. Liahona August 2009
(This could be a handout idea with a challenge. Attach the poem to packet of kindness jelly belly seeds for them to eat one everytime they plant a kindness seed?)

My family is a garden,
A place where we can grow.
Our garden is for people,
Not plants grown in a row.
We’re growing love and patience.
We’re growing kindness, too.
We’ve planted seeds of service
For things we all can do.
Politeness grows inside us;
We’re sharing more each day.
Our smiles are growing bigger—
Like the hugs we give away.
We can tell that we are growing
The seeds of love and cheer—
We fill our home with sunshine
And feel our Savior near.  Elaine Champion, 2002 June Friend

I challenge you to plant kindness seeds this week, to your family, friends, teachers, neighbors and nonmembers. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

You can find a copy of the file named "kindness flower pot" at my Skydrive:

Rachel Crosby was kind enough to create a printable PDF to go with the lesson that can be found at Thanks!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fasting and Prayer Can Strengthen my Testimony Sharing time

Fasting and Prayer Can Strengthen my Testimony Sharing time
July 2012 Week 1
Welcome to Doctrine and Covenants subdivision, neighborhood 109:8.
Houses are taken from
I printed them off on different comstruction paper and assembled them. Sure there is an easier way than my approach!
The neighborhood is excitedly organizing themselves, preparing every needful thing because the last house is being constructed to make the neighborhood a complete verse.  Can you figure out which house is missing? Listen, “Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God.”  Right, the house of fasting hasn’t been built yet and is a very important part of this scripture. Will you be builders and help build the house?
Just as it says in the scripture to “Organize yourselves”, I need you to organize yourselves and be reverent so we can get the fasting house built quickly.  When a builder constructs a house, they need a blueprint. We need a set of instructions to see that the house is built correctly and will be strong (hold up house drawn in white crayon on blue construction paper.)  Now we will learn about the law of fasting.  Of course fasting means to go without food and drink – for adults this should be for 2 meals.

House pieces were enlarged from
First ,we will start with a FAITHFUL FOUNDATION.  President Eyring explained that when building the part that the house stands on, there are metal bars that are put in the cement that gives the finished foundation strength. You can’t see them, but as you pour cement and wait for it to cure (harden), (Show picture of foundation being poured this process makes the foundation strong and safe. “In a similar way,” he said, “the ground must be carefully prepared for our foundation of FAITH to withstand the storms that will come into every life.” (President Eyring, “Unshakeable Faith”,"building+a+foundation")
We must have faith that God truly wants us to fast.  We need TOOL #1 from the tool box to help us. (Have child get tool #1 out of the toolbox) It is TIME(timer) because sometimes it takes time for our faith to become strong. (Have a child help build the “ Faith Foundation” on the board) So we are going to sing a song while we wait for the foundation of our faith to cure and become strong.  Sing “Wise Man and the Foolish Man”.
Toolbox was constructed out of a box, covered in red craft paper and two paper towel rolls hot glued. The tool tags color corresponds to the house part color to make it easier to match. Toolbox clipart for little tool tags found on
So just like the wise man built his house on a rock, our fasting house can be built on a strong foundation of faith.
The blueprint (look at blueprint) says that next we need to PONDER or think about who we should fast for.  Fasting needs a PURPOSE!  Do we need to overcome some problem?  Is a family member or friend sick, need a blessing, need to know about the church, is sad, etc. (source: Gospel Principles, Chapter 25, Fasting, p.146) The tool that can help us is TOOL #2- Our HEART, meaning love for others. (have child pick out heart tool out of the toolbox) Then have another child help build the wall labeled “Purpose”)
According the blueprint, and the Apostle Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, “…fasting almost always is linked with PRAYER. Without prayer, fasting is not complete fasting; it’s simply going hungry. If we want our fasting to be more than just going without eating, we must lift our hearts, our minds, and our voices in communion with our Heavenly Father.” (The Law of the Fast, Joseph B. Wirthlin. April 2001)
We should begin each fast with a prayer. This part of the house has a door (show wall with door) because the scriptures say we should knock on the door and ask Heavenly Father for help and He will open it and help us. We need a fasting TOOL #3. It is a linked chain because when we LINK OUR FASTING WITH PRAYER, it makes it stronger and strengthens our testimony. Let’s build this part of the house. (Have a child help build the house labeled “Prayer” while holding the chain link tool)
Next on the blueprint (look at blueprint) is that on the first Sunday of each month, WE DON'T EAT OR DRINK, FOR 2 MEALS FOR ADULTS. Young babies and young children are not required to fast.  I would encourage you to talk to your parents about fasting.  Our older children fast by not eating for one meal.  It is important to understand why those around you are fasting and participate in fasting prayers. (“I Have a Question” Jan 1997 Ensign Sterling C. Hilton"i+have+a+question")
Did you know that Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights? That’s a long time without food! But we are only asked to fast for one day.  Let’s find TOOL #4- (Have child help get tool from toolbox) It is a “POSITIVE ATTITUDE” flashlight.  We should be happy when fasting, not complaining that we are hungry. “And for a short time, we literally put ourselves in the position of the hungry and the needy.” Joseph B. Wirthlin, (The Law of the Fast."law+of+the+fast")  As we do so, we have greater understanding of how they might feel.  Let’s build this part of the house (put up windows labeled “Skip 2 meals for adults”)
Next on the blueprint, it says we need to ATTEND SACRAMENT MEETING.  We should partake of the sacrament and it will help strengthen our testimonies. We need TOOL #5 from the tool box. “BEAR TESTIMONY” is the tool with the hammer and nails.  Just like the hammer and nails strengthen the house, bearing our testimony in fast and testimony meeting on the first Sunday can strengthen our testimony and make our fast more powerful.  (Have a child build the roof on the house labeled “Attend Sacrament Meeting”, hammer the roof a bit)
The blueprint next instructs to “KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY”.  So do things on Sunday that will invite the spirit.  We need TOOL #6 to help.  It is a set of SCRIPTURES. Studying the scriptures will definitely make our fast stronger and keep us warm with the spirit on Sunday.  A chimney helps keep our homes warm, let’s put that on the top of the house. (Have child put the “chimney” labeled “Keep Sabbath Day Holy” on the house.)
Our house is nearly complete. But we need to do one more thing. We need to CLOSE OUR FAST WITH A PRAYER. Let’s put the mailbox up to remind us to seal our fast with prayer. (Have a child help put up mailbox) We can also pay a fast offering.  A Fast Offering is when we pay the money we would have spent on those skipped meals to the Bishop to be used to help the poor and needy.
Well, the house of fasting is now complete and as is our Doctrine & Covenants 109:8 neighborhood. I hope we will all remember that each time we fast and pray our own houses and testimonies are strengthened. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.
 Steps for fasting source: Fasting with Power By Elder Shayne M. Bowen, Ensign, April 2009
additional source: "Building Your Eternal Home", President Thomas S. Monson 1984 General Conference

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I Obey the Word of Wisdom Sharing time

Sharing time- I Obey the Word of Wisdom

L. Tom Perry, an apostle of the Lord shared a story in the 1996 General Conference about a great track and field star named Creed Haymond.  Creed was captain of his team in college and they were getting ready to run an important race.  It was so important that the coach wanted the team to drink sherry wine to help their muscles relax. Creed knew it was wrong to drink alcohol and he looked right in the coach’s eye and said, “I won’t take it.”  The coach didn’t make him drink but Creed was nervous. Suppose he didn’t do well tomorrow. What would the coach say? What right did he have to disobey his coach? There was only one reason. He had been taught all his life to obey the Word of Wisdom. The next morning, Creed felt great! His teammates did not. They were ill. Many couldn’t even compete. The college didn’t win overall, but Creed won his first race and then he even won his second race. (L. Tom Perry, "Run and Not be Weary" 1996 General Conference"L.+Tom+Perry")+(collection%3a"general-conference")
Every four years, athletes come together from around the world to participate in a competition called the Summer Olympic games. One of the events is hurdling.
(Point to the rings of the Olympic symbol) - These rings’ colors symbolize all the countries coming together as one.  The motto for the Olympic games is, “Faster, higher, stronger.” If we follow the Word of Wisdom, our body, mind and spirit come together as one and we become “Faster in energy, higher to God and stronger in testimony."
We are going to learn about the Word of Wisdom with the help of this track and field runner on the board. (The track and field runner is from Primary Partners Nursery Vol. 1 Mary Ross and Jennette Guymon-King Lesson )We are going to help him qualify for the Olympics. Each time the runner comes to a hurdle we will discuss a part of the word of wisdom that he needs to keep to be “faster, higher, stronger”. For each hurdle our runner passes he will earn an Olympic ring… or the blessing we get from keeping the Word of Wisdom.
Runner is taken from Primary Partners Nursery and Age 3 Volume 1 Activities by Mary Ross and Jennette Guymon-King, lessson 16 My Body is Special. I printed out two copies and used the same leg twice and created a hinge(using brad fasteners) in his leg so he could jump over the hurdles.
(The color of the stripes on each hurdle corresponds with the color of the Olympic ring blessing that the hurdler receives upon clearing that hurdle.)

Hurdle #1 - Keep Our Body Clean (Blue hurdle)

We need to keep our bodies physically clean. We need to take a bath, wash our hair. We need to wear appropriate clothes. Following the Word of Wisdom also means being spiritually clean. Keep our minds clean by listening to good music, watching good programs, reading good books, etc.
·         Blue Olympic ring - If we keep our bodies clean and pure we will be blessed with more knowledge, be smarter -“And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures; (D&C 89:19)

Hurdle #2 - Eat Nutritious Food (Yellow hurdle)

We need to eat food that is good for our bodies. (Show some examples of good  foods – pictures, plastic food, or even real food such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, etc.)
·         Yellow Olympic ring - "All saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments, shall receive health in their navel and marrow to their bones;" We will be healthy! (
Hurdle #3 – Avoid Harmful Substances (Black hurdle)

Avoid harmful substances in our bodies that can be addictive and harmful to us. Smoking or chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, drinking tea or coffee are examples of substances that we should avoid in our lives.
·         Black Olympic ring - “And I, the Lord, give unto them a promise, that the destroying angel shall pass by them, as the children of Israel, and not slay them” (D&C 89:21). True to the Faith, (2004),186–88. )We will be protected from Satan if we don’t partake of these things in our bodies.

Hurdle #4 – Exercise and Sleep Adequately (Green hurdle)
Exercise regularly and get enough sleep - We need to do actively do things and exercise. We can do what we enjoy. What is something you like to do to get your heart pumping? We also need to go to bed at a regular time, not too late. So we aren’t tired!!!
·         Green Olympic ring - the blessing is  “And shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint.” (D&C 89:20) We will have more energy like our runner did in the story

Hurdle #5 – Do Things in Moderation (Red hurdle)
We need to have moderation or a balance in our life. We shouldn’t just eat one particular food always. If we slept all day long, we would be getting enough sleep, but it probably wouldn't be good for us.
·         Red Olympic ring – The blessing is that we will have control over our lives and will be happy.
Assemble the Olympic rings so they match the picture.

*If time permits- pass around a medal while singing, “My Body is a Temple”. When it stops, that person puts the medal around their neck and says how they can obey the Word of Wisdom and win the race(Could be adapted into a singing time)!

So remember, to care for your body and keep it clean, we need to eat nutritious food, exercise regularly and get enough sleep, practice balance and moderation in all aspects of your physical health, and avoid substances that can harm your body.
If we follow the commandment of the Word of Wisdom, our lives will be healthy and happy. We will be faster, higher and stronger, spiritual olympians! In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.