Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thank you!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I give thanks for the joy that this little Primary blog has brought to my life.  I am grateful for the Saints all over the world that have may been helped in teaching the gospel to the precious little souls in their primaries through my lessons.  Unfortunately, I will not be creating weekly lessons that match the current Primary theme any longer.  I may still create a lesson here or there, but my focus has shifted to dedicating more time to my son that has Autism.  I feel impressed to spend more time in research and in sharing those ideas with others that may share the same daily trials, frustrations, celebrations and breakthroughs that I face.  Everyone is more than welcome to use my blog in the coming years and to change whatever you feel impressed - to match the current theme and needs of your primary.  Thanks again for letting me fulfill a dream and I truly cherish all the kind comments that have been shared these past few years... and the surprise comments I may still receive in the years to come.