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Reading, Listening and Looking at Things that are Pleasing to Heavenly Father Sharing Time

Reading, Listening and Looking at Things that are Pleasing to Heavenly Father Sharing Time

August 2012 Week 2
Wagon came from and was enlarged and printed on construction paper. The hay is yellow construction paper in a shredder.

I would like to tell you a story by Elder David Sorensen who is a Seventy, a servant for the Lord. He shared this story in the 2001 April General Conference.

“My mind raced back to the days of my youth on the farm. In the summertime one of our responsibilities was to haul hay from the fields into the barn for winter storage. My dad would pitch the hay onto a flatbed wagon. I would then tromp down the hay to get as much as possible on the wagon. One day, in one of the loose bundles pitched onto the wagon was a rattlesnake! When I looked at it, I was concerned, excited, and afraid. The snake was lying in the nice, cool hay. The sun was glistening on its diamond back. After a few moments the snake stopped rattling, became still, and I became very curious. I started to get closer and leaned over for a better look, when suddenly I heard a call from my father: "David, my boy, you can't pet a rattlesnake!”(picture that goes with story- May 2002 New Era, p. 45)

            Why did David’s dad tell him that he couldn’t pet a rattlesnake? Certainly David has agency (the freedom to choose) whether to touch the snake or not. If someone was with him, he might have been dared to touch the snake. What might have happened if he made the wrong choice and touched the snake? We have to be careful around rattlesnakes because they can bite and can harm us with their poison.
Today we are talking about reading, listening and watching things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father.  The media (television, radio, movies, newspapers) is full of rattlesnakes (picture- Ensign, September 2011 or February New Era, 2005, p. 19
  The media can help/benefit us greatly, but rattlesnakes in the media can harm and poison us if we aren’t careful. There are some rattlesnakes in this Primary room today that are going to help us learn how to be careful around the things we read, listen to and watch.  We are going to carefully, with these binoculars, (you can make binoculars out of two rolls of paper taped together) spot some rattlesnakes around the room. But don’t worry, they are construction paper snakes!  Each rattlesnake has a number on him that matches a rattlesnake picture on the board. BE CAREFUL NOT TO PET THE RATTLESNAKE. Then we will discuss the picture on the back.  Who would like to use the binoculars first?
Rattlesnake clipart came from

RATTLESNAKE #1- INTERNET--(computer with spoon from New Era, March 2005, 36 , other computer clipart taken from Ensign, March 2012, 54,55 or February 2006 New Era, 39, or could just use the wordstrip “INTERNET”
The internet can be a great benefit to us. It can help us with wholesome research on a variety of topics, including our family history.  LDS,org is a wonderful blessing to be able to search a gospel topic and receive countless articles on it with just one click. But we also have to be careful with the internet because it can have poisons just like the rattlesnake. There are many inappropriate pictures, words, and articles that can be spooned into our minds with poison and be very damaging.
Rattlesnake craft idea came from

RATTLESNAKE #2- MUSIC- (picture- “Some Music Can Hurt You” New Era, March 2005, 19 or just use the wordstrip, “MUSIC”
Some music can be uplifting (like this Primary song CD that we gave you at the beginning of the year!!).  It can be fun and fill our mind with good thoughts.  However, some music can hurt you, it may have lyrics (words) that can poison your spirit. We must choose carefully the music we listen to and change the station if it makes us feel uncomfortable.
Say with me: DON’T PET THE RATTLESNAKE!!!!!!

RATTLESNAKE #3- BOOKS-(picture taken from Friend January 2012, 4 or could just use the wordstrip, “BOOKS”)
“Seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith” (D&C 88:118). There are many wonderful books out there filled with knowledge, light as well as some with fantasy and fun. You know what the most correct book on earth is? The Prophet Joseph Smith declared that the Book of Mormon [is] the most correct book of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion.” He said that “a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.” (History of the Church, 4:461.) There are books that can have bad poison, bad language, inappropriate content in them too.  We must be careful about the quality of books we choose to read. 

RATTLESNAKE #4- MAGAZINES picture of girl reading magazine “labeled read me” or just use a wordstrip, “MAGAZINES” 
The Friend is a wonderful magazine to read and there are other good magazines that have wholesome stories, pictures, and are filled with uplifting material. However, there are magazines that can fill your mind with destructive poison. Satan would love us to view the pictures that don’t respect our bodies and ads that disobey the commandments of God.

RATTLESNAKE #5- TELEVISION--(picture from Friend, January 2011, 44 or just use a wordstrip, “TELEVISION”
            Many television programs can bring the spirit into our homes. I love when General Conference comes on and I get to watch the prophet give us direction. However, President Hinckley counseled, “Stay away from television shows which lead to unclean thoughts and unclean language.” (“Converts and Young Men”, May 1997"television")

RATTLESNAKE #6- MOVIES-(picture taken from Ensign, September 2011, 34 or or just use a wordstrip, “MOVIES”
 Movies can be fun to watch and uplift and teach us. However, there are many movies that can bite us and fill our minds with poisons. Language and content that isn’t pleasing to Heavenly Father can creep their way into popular movies. We have been told by the prophet not to watch rated R movies, but also to walk away from any movie that makes us feel uncomfortable or drives away the spirit whether it be Rated  R or even PG.

RATTLESNAKE #7- VIDEO GAMES- - (picture glued together from Ensign, August 2009, 47,48  or New Era August 2005, p.26,  or just use wordstrip, “VIDEO GAMES”
There are many video games that are clean, challenging, and fun, and some multiplayer games can be an enjoyable social activity. The Church is not against video games, but youth are urged to be smart in their selection of games and the amount of time they spend with them.” ("video+games") Some video games have mature ratings and may be filled with violent poison.  Spending too much time playing video games is a poisonous addiction.
I hope you will remember to make good choices about the things you read, listen to and watch only choose those things that would make Heavenly Father happy.  In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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Having Good Friends Will Help me Sharing time

“Having Good Friends will Help me Choose the Right” Sharing time

August 2012 Week 1
Magnetic spinner was purchased at a teacher's supply store. It is VERY handy for a variety of games!

“If we truly want to be tools in the hands of our Heavenly Father in bringing to pass His eternal purposes, we need only to be a friend….The power is in EACH one of us to be a friend. Old and young, rich and poor, educated and humble, in every language and country, we all have the capacity to be a friend.” Elder Marlin J. Jensen, “Friendship: A Gospel Principle” May 1999"a+true+friend"

“And all of us need true friends to love us, to listen to us, to show us the way, and to testify of truth to us…” President Eyring, “True Friends”, April 2002 General Conference"a+true+friend"

 “Are you a true friend?  Do you know who your true friends are? Remember, the best way to find a true friend is to be one yourself.”"a+true+friend" Darrin Lythgoe “FYI- For your info” New Era, May 2005,

So I have brought some extra friends to primary today to help us discover some ways to choose good friends and also become better friends to others. We are going to try and spell a word on the board. We are going to spin the circle of friends and when the spinner lands on a friend, we will meet that friend and earn a letter for the hidden word on the board. (Hangman style). If we have already have earned that letter, we will choose the nearest available letter. At the end, you will find out who MY best friend is.

F- Forgiving

Meet Dalton- “One day when I was walking home from school, my friend accidentally hit me in the face with an ice ball. At first, I got really angry because it hurt. I went home, and later my friend called me and apologized. I was glad that he called and I forgave him. We are still best friends.” Dalton was a forgiving friend. We can forgive our friends when they make mistakes.

Showing Forgiveness, Dalton Y. January 2011, “Trying to be Like Jesus”

R- Respects your Standards

Meet Lisa- Lisa could hardly wait until Stephanie’s birthday party. The invitation promised fun games and tasty refreshments. When all the girls got to Stephanie’s house, Stephanie led them to the garage to play games. The girls took turns swinging at the piñata with a papier-mâché stick …and small candies spilled out, and everyone scrambled for them, laughing and squealing.

“We need some music,” one of the girls said. Stephanie turned on a CD player. The music was loud, and the singer was singing some bad words. Lisa grew more and more uneasy. Finally, she couldn’t stand it any longer. “I need to go home,” she whispered to Stephanie. Stephanie looked surprised. “What’s wrong?”  The music is making me really uncomfortable,” Lisa said. Lisa went to wait outside for her mom. But soon Stephanie and the other girls joined her on the front porch. “We turned off the music,” Stephanie said. “Please don’t leave.” Lisa stood for the right. She stayed true to her standards. And her friends respected her standards.

I-Inspires you to be Christlike

Meet Breanna- “A little while back, my friend and I were going to the girls’ washroom at school to wash our hands. We had just been doing an art project and had paste on our fingers. But when we got to the bathroom the sink was a complete disaster! There was soapy water everywhere. My friend and I quickly decided that we should clean it up before washing our hands. When we finished I felt good inside. I have just been baptized and I knew it was the Holy Ghost giving me that warm feeling. I am trying to act more Christlike every day.” Breanna and her friend inspire others to be Christlike.

E- Example

Meet Megan-“Megan Rasmussen had been taking her nonmember friend Beth to church for years with her. One day, when Beth was 13, she asked her friend if she could meet with the missionaries. Beth says, “I wouldn’t have asked her if it hadn’t been for all my friends’ examples and the joy they had in their lives. I saw the examples of the Rasmussen family and how happy they were and how much love they had in their lives,” Beth says. “I decided I wanted some of that.”  “You never know when somebody will be looking at you… Be a good example 100 percent of the time.” Megan was a good example to her friend and we can be good examples too!

N-Nice and kind

Meet Jeffrey- “Jeffrey  just started kindergarten and is making lots of friends. One day, his teacher told me that the day before, one of the students in his class was having a bad day and was very unhappy. The teacher said that Jeffrey stayed by this student’s side during recess and tried his best to be a good friend. He put his arm around her and comforted her the best he could. At lunchtime, he made sure that he sat next to her, and he helped her open her milk carton and other items in her lunch. Jeffrey’s teacher said that she was very proud of Jeffrey for being a good friend to the girl.” Jeffrey was a nice friend. We can be nice to our friends too!

D-Dependable and loyal

Meet Laura- Laura and Kate were best friends. The two of them included others in their circle of friends. A few of these girls planned a party, inviting all in the group except Kate. Laura, after becoming aware of what had happened, told the others that she would not be able to accept their invitation unless Kate was included. Laura was a loyal, dependable friend and didn’t make her friend feel left out or leave her.

Friend, August 1992- “Kindness is Happiness” by Betty Jo Jepsen


So I have a picture of MY best friend. (hidden picture of Jesus in a frame) This person is forgiving, even when people did mean things to him. He is always an example, inspires me to be better, is the ultimate standard to follow, is nice and kind and I can always depend on Him to be there for me. His name is Jesus Christ.(show picture)

“The Prophet President Kimball was a friend of the Savior. (show picture- When he was in the hospital ready to undergo open-heart surgery, his bed was being wheeled down the hall and into the operating room by a young orderly. The young man accidentally smashed his finger between the doorjamb and the bed. The orderly was in pain, and he took in vain the name of the Savior. The prophet, although already sedated, opened his eyes and gently rebuked the orderly: “Young man, don’t say that; He’s my best friend!”"be+a+friend+of+the+savior" Robert E. Wells Friend, February 1988 “Be a Friend of the Savior”

John 15: 13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
14 Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. Jesus did give up His life for us, His friends. I know that Jesus Christ is our loving friend and we can be a friend by obeying His commandments. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Friend clipart taken from the following sources-

Source for FRIEND “hangman” letters:"a+true+friend" Darrin Lythgoe “FYI- For your info” New Era, May 2005,

     You can find a copy of the file named "Sharing time- Friends" at my Skydrive:

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Honesty Sharing time

Honesty Sharing time-
Honesty is telling the truth regardless of consequences

July 2102 Week 4

Today we are going to talk about honesty.

Hmmm.  There is a purse here.(Show the purse)  Does this belong to anyone? (Note attached).  Look here is a note.  It says “Open me to learn a story about honesty”.  Let’s open it! 
(Read from note, paraphrased from original:)  “I recall riding a train in Japan.  At the station were friends to greet us, and in the excitement my wife left her purse on the train. We called the Tokyo station to report it.  When the train arrived... three hours later, the railroad telephoned to say the purse was there. ...and more than a month passed before it was delivered to us in Salt Lake City.  Everything left in the purse was there when it was returned.”  This is a true story given by the former prophet Gordon B. Hinckley., (“We Believe in Being Honest” Ensign Oct 1990
Why do you think the purse had all the money in it when they finally got it back more than a month later?  Someone was honest! Someone made the right decision not to steal, lie or cheat another.  We are going to learn about what honesty means and build an honesty train. (Honesty train taken, enlarged on red, yellow and blue construction paper from Friend Jan 1987 “Sharing time: Be Honest”
Pay attention because the information will be used later in a game. Let’s start with the engine-
What is the first letter of the word honesty? “H” H is for “Honoring Your word.” (instructor puts “H” engine on board as talking) Being honest means that you will do what you say you are going to.
Honesty train taken, enlarged on red, yellow and blue construction paper from Friend Jan 1987 “Sharing time: Be Honest”
What’s the next letter in honesty. “O” right! (instructor puts up “O” train car next to engine)  “O” stands for “OBEY THE LAW”  We are honest when we obey the laws of our God and the laws or rules of our country.
Next letter is, “N”- (instructor puts up “N” train car next to the others) “N” is for “NEVER CHEAT”   We should be honest and always do our own work and never copy or steal others’ ideas.

Next letter is, “E” (instructor puts up “E” train car next to the others)   “EVERYONE’S PROPERTY DESERVES RESPECT”.  Being honest is treating others’ things with care.

Next letter is, “S”(put up “S” train car next to the others) “STAND FOR THE RIGHT” Being honest with yourself and stand up for what you believe to be true.

Next letter is, “T” (child put up “S” train car next to the others) “TELL THE TRUTH” Tell what really happened at ALL times. Even if it means that you may get in trouble and have negative consequences.
Next letter, “Y”(put up “Y” train car next to the others) If you have honesty, “YOU CAN BE TRUSTED” by other people.  They will believe you and won’t doubt that you are telling the truth.

(Show a toy train track with switch point)
President Hinckley recalled while working for the railroad, “a careless employee pulled a lever and threw a small switch that moved a track only three inches but resulted in sending the baggage car of a passenger train 1,400 MILES off course.” (President Hinckley Counsels the youth in Colorado. June 1996 News of the church),
So if we make a bad choice and tell even one lie, it can send us off our track in another direction and away from our Heavenly Father.
So now we are going to guide this train through the Honesty Railroad safely. Be careful because there are switch points like in the story of President Hinckley that can send you off course into dishonesty. We don’t want that! We Choo-choose to be honest! Each question will match one of the honesty trait train cars that we discussed earlier. There may be more than one train car match for the questions and that is ok!
Train maze was enlarged from
Honesty questions on the back of the “on course”  railroad crossing signs
Train taken from Oct 2003 Friend p.2 "The Little Engine that Could"
I did add some text boxes that spell "honesty"
Railroad crossing signs were printed on yellow construction paper and taken from
(questions developed  from Pat Graham, “Sharing Time: Be Honest,” Friend, Jan. 1987, 40)
Jodie went into her sister’s room and took her homework
and ripped it into tiny pieces and pretended it was snowing in her room.
Which train car could this go with and what should Jodie do now?
(She didn’t Respect Everyone’s Property, did she?)

Harry’s friends are on the playground and one of them has a pack
of cigarettes that he said he found on his way to school. His friend
says that he sees his dad smoke them and thinks they are cool.
Which train car could this go with and what should Harry do?
(He should Stand for the Right and say no)

The traffic light is turning red, but your family is late for a meeting.
Which train car could this go with and what should your family do?
(Obey the Law and not go through red lights)

You have a spelling test tomorrow, but you want to watch your
favorite TV show. You arrive to school, not prepared to take the test,
but your best friend knows how to spell each word. Which train car
could this go with and what should you do?
(Never Cheat, do your own test)

Carrie wants to play a game, but her mom asked her to clean up her room and
do her homework before playing. She said she would, but wants to play first.
Her mom asks her if she is done cleaning up her room and doing her
homework.  Which train car could this go with and what should Carrie do?
(She should Honor her Word and do what she was asked)

You tell your mom every day that your stomach hurts and that you can’t go
to school. Today your stomach really hurts and you feel sick. Which train
car could this go with and what should you do to be honest?
(Tell the truth, or your mom won’t believe you when you really ARE sick)

Tom is walking to school and knows he should use the crosswalk to cross
the street, but it a block out of his way and takes time and it would be
easier to just cross the street. There aren’t any cars coming, he thought.
Which train car could this go with and what should Tom do to be honest?
(Obey the law)

 Tell of a time when you honored your word and were honest to someone and how you felt?

On the back of the “off course” railroad signs

(In case, the kids make a wrong turn on the maze, or if time permits, you could read a few “what if we went this way” I wanted to have SOMETHING on those spots!)
Each lie, each deception, each act of dishonesty combines to create a monster that can destroy your character and your life.” (Taken from President Howard W. Hunter. “Be Honest with Yourself”  New Era July 2003  Go back!  “If the truth is what I tell, I will never fail” (Taken from Sharing time Outline 2012 July theme week 4)
Dishonesty- “…, it may affect your whole life. You will have a hard time living it down. It will be difficult for you to forget about it because it will be engraved upon your conscience.” (Taken from President Howard W. Hunter. “Be Honest with Yourself” New Era July 2003  Go back!  “If the truth is what I tell, I will never fail”

Dishonesty- “… it will affect others in many ways. The lie can reach not only that person… but can extend to your friends, your relatives, your loved ones, and persons you may never see.” . (Taken from President Howard W. Hunter. New Era July 2003  Go back!  “If the truth is what I tell, I will never fail”

Dishonesty-“… it affects your relationship to the Savior. It closes the channel of communication and shuts out light from your life.” (Taken from President Howard W. Hunter. New Era July 2003 Go back!  “If the truth is what I tell, I will never fail”
When we are dishonest, we lose the companionship of the Holy Ghost and feel very sad.  Go back.  “If the truth is what I tell, I will never fail” (Taken from Sharing time Outline 2012 July theme week 4

I know when we are honest, it helps us stay on the right track to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  In the name of Jesus Christ amen.
     You can find a copy of the file named "train honesty board" at my Skydrive: Number the pages as you print or else assembling can get confusing. It takes a few minutes to put together the puzzle maze!