Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jesus Was a Child Like Me Sharing time

Jesus Was a Child Like me Sharing time
Jesus Grew in Wisdom and Stature and in Favor With God and Man

December 2012 Week 2 theme

(Sing the song)“Jesus once was a little child, a little child like me. And he was pure and meek and mild as a little child should be. So little children, that’s you and I. Try to be like Him, try, try try.” (Taken from the Children's Songbook, 55) We are going to learn a little about what Jesus Christ’s childhood may have been like. We will pick a scroll starting with 1 and 2, they used to read scrolls back in the time of Jesus, not books or iPads, haha!  that has a number that matches a picture on the growth chart. (Growth chart was printed on yellow construction paper from this great site )Then we will remove the picture and discover some things about Jesus as a child!
The scroll was made by wrapping construction paper around two toliet paper rolls and gluing each side to the below passages printed on construction paper. A string was glued onto the back to tie the rolls together to resemble a scroll. A number is threaded through the string so it can be matched to the corresponding picture. Might need to have a toliet paper donation drive to get enough to make the 7 scrolls, haha! You could also use the printout scroll craft from Mary H. Ross and Jeanette Guymon-King Primary Partners CTR A Ages 4-7 lesson 9 if that is available to you.
(The top picture of Jesus with the child is taken from the Primary picture packet 2-1)
*note: scrolls 1 &2 will need to be picked together because the pictures are taped to each other. I was attempting to make the growth chart stop at about 5'8''- 5'9'' because that is what many scholars believe that was the height of Jesus. This is just a theory, not a confirmed fact!

1.(On back of scroll labeled #1 that matches the picture of baby Jesus from   “While they were staying in the stable, Mary’s baby was born, and they called Him Jesus. Tenderly Mary wrapped her tiny Son in swaddling clothes (pieces of cloth for bundling a baby) and put Him in the manger. When she looked at Him, she realized what a miracle He was. She was His mother, and God was His father. Every child is a spirit child of our Heavenly Father, but Jesus was also an earthly child of God. He was the Only Begotten Son of God, and He would be able to do the important work that God had called Him to do in this life.” (Taken from “The Birth of Jesus December 1982 Friend"birth+of+jesus"

2.(On back of scroll #2 that matches the picture of Nazareth home from Primary picture packet 2-10) “This is the kind of home that the people of Nazareth lived in. Nazareth is the town where Jesus grew up (see Matthew 2:23), and Jesus may have lived in a home like this one.” Mary and Joseph may have slept on mats. All the water the family used was carried from the well in the village in pots because there was no running water in the homes. There was also no electricity in Jesus’ home. They had to use oil lamps for light. (Taken from Primary 2 manual lesson 9 )

3.(On back of scroll #3 that matches the picture of Mary and young Jesus from cover of Sept. Ensign 2009 or And the scriptures tell us that there “the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.” (Luke 2:40.) Heavenly Father taught Jesus how to be righteous. Jesus was also taught by his mother Mary many things, including prayer. What is something that your mother taught you as a young child?

4.(On back of scroll #4 that matches the picture of Joseph teaching Jesus by Simon Dewey and picture of Nazareth school from Primary picture packet 2-12)  Jesus learned many things from his father, Joseph. Jesus also went to school.“…the young boys of Nazareth went to school at the synagogue, or church. The schoolteacher was head of the village synagogue. He was called a rabbi. Little girls didn’t attend school and were taught at home by their mothers. “…the school does not have any books. In Jesus’ time, boys learned to read from scrolls.” How is your school different from how Jesus went to school?
5.(On the back of  scroll #5 that matches the picture of Jesus teaching in the temple from Primary picture packet 1-17 or "As Jesus grew taller and wiser, He also grew strong in spirit, and the things He did were pleasing to His Heavenly Father (see Luke 2:40). When He was twelve years old, He went with His family to the temple in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. He had an amazing experience there. His parents thought that He was with their group when they left to travel home, but Jesus had stayed in Jerusalem. When they finally found Him, three days later, He was talking with the learned men in the temple. He was asking them questions and answering theirs. “And all that heard Him were astonished at his understanding and answers” (Taken from 1999 March Friend

6.(On back of scroll #6 that matches the picture of Jesus and Joseph the Carpenter from Gospel Art kit 206 or )  Jesus grew up in a builder’s home and he knew of slivers, beams and measurements. Jesus’ dad Joseph was a carpenter and he made many things out of wood. He learned from his dad how to build needed things around the house.  This is the kind of work Jesus’ dad did. “Jesus probably helped Joseph with his work, and Joseph may have taught Jesus to be a carpenter like himself (see Mark 6:3).”   “Jesus probably went fishing by Himself many times and helped Mary make bread.”  Taken from “Jesus Once Was a Little Child,” Friend, Dec 1979, 2 These may have been chores of Jesus. Do you have chores or work that you are responsible for?

7.(On back of scroll #7 that matches the picture of Jesus calming the waters from Primary picture packet 2-28 or   “[Jesus] lived probably not more than fifteen miles from the Sea of Galilee, where He would likely have learned much about clouds and storms and waves and sand and rocks and boats and ships. It was not much farther to the Mediterranean Sea, and here also He may have become acquainted with larger ships and tides and waves and streams and all the material that He referred to so eloquently in the sermons He gave later.” Do you like the water? Have you sailed on a boat before? Do you like the beach? Jesus probably liked these things as a child.  Taken from  “Jesus Once Was a Little Child,” Friend, Dec 1979, 2

“Even as a child, Jesus set an example for us to follow. We can study the gospel, obey our parents, and learn to choose the right. As we do these things, we, too, can grow strong in spirit and in wisdom and in favor with God and man.”  (Taken from  ) I hope we will all try to live our lives as Jesus, in the name of Jesus Christ amen.