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I Can Prepare to Go To The Temple Sharing Time

I Can Prepare to go to the Temple Someday Sharing time/Combined Singing time
July 2013 Week 4
This picture came from page 25 in an OLD Primary 5 manual picture set. It still exists, but I haven't located it yet. Sorry! The updated version is found in Primary picture packet 5-57 or here
(Have a small suitcase packed with the following items and quickly look through the items while saying the following)
I am getting ready to go on a trip and I think I have all the things I need, I have got my…

Book to read-
Food- In case I get hungry

Clothes to wear-

Tickets- so I can get on the plane

Glasses- to see better in the sun

Water- in case I get thirsty

Map or instructions- So I know where I am going and how to get there


Movie to watch on the plane in case I get bored
Calendar- to know what day it is on my trip
 Cell phone- so I can talk to someone far away….
(Make your cell phone ring and confusingly say…)
Hello??? I’m trying to get ready for this trip and (whisper) the Primary is staring at me… (Act surprised and say) Oh I am not just going on a normal trip, I am going on a special spiritual journey to prepare myself for the temple.  (Hang up the phone and then say).  I’ve packed for the wrong kind of trip.  Can you help me repack?
This suitcase isn’t going to work. I NEED A BIGGER ONE FOR A SPECIAL JOURNEY.  I need different stuff too. Oooh I need to hurry, will you guys help me find what I need for my special spiritual journey to help me prepare to go to the temple. Thanks!
(Have 9 items on a table that represent 9 of the Gospel Standards on a table listed below. Have a large suitcase that is empty with a temple picture on the front. Have a printed page for each Gospel Standard and put them on the chalkboard.)
Example of Gospel Standards on printed paper
(Have a child come up to the front and select one of the Gospel Standards.  Help the child to read the Gospel Standard on the printed page to the class.  Next, discuss the Gospel Standard briefly.  Then play the Hot/Cold singing game with the Gospel Standard Object - (have one child step out of the room and hide the Gospel Standard Object in the room.  Invite the child back in and then have the rest of the children sing loud as the child gets close to the hidden object or sing more softly when they are far away from it).  Repeat this for each Gospel Standard)

*Gospel Standard: “I will only read and watch things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father.”
Have a child remove the standard off the board and read and discuss. What kinds of things can we read and watch that are pleasing to Heavenly Father? (watching worthy TV programs that invite the spirit and reading scriptures, Feasting upon the word of God will help us not be spiritually hungry on our journey, reading church books and magazines and other good appropriate books that uplift us.)
So. Let’s find all the things to pack our suitcase and prepare to go the temple. If we read and watch good things in our youth, it will be easier to continue doing so when we are adults.
Play a round of Hot/Cold- (Gospel Standard Object could be a set of scriptures, an Ensign magazine, church movie, etc. - I would suggest bundling the scriptures, Ensign and church movie together. After finding the items, pack the suitcase.) Song option: “Search, Ponder and Pray”, (CS, 109)

*Gospel Standard: “I will dress modestly to show respect for Heavenly Father and myself.”
 We need to ensure that the clothes we pack in THIS suitcase are modest and keep our bodies sacred. If we wear modest clothing in our youth, it will definitely be easier to continue as we go to the temple.
Let’s find the Modest Clothes (Gospel Standard Object) and add them to the suitcase. Play a round of Hot/Cold to find the clothes and then pack them in the suitcase. Song option: “My Body is a Temple”, (CS 153)

*Gospel Standard: “I will only listen to music that is pleasing to Heavenly Father.”
We need to pack on our journey to the temple good and uplifting music. Would I listen to the song if the Savior stood beside me? If we listen to music with good values and lyrics, it will be easier when we are older and married. Let’s find some good music in the room and pack them in the suitcase. Play a round of Hot/Cold to find the Gospel Standard Object a Church Song or Hymn book and then pack it in the suitcase. Song option: “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” page 28 in outline for 2013 Sharing time booklet

*Gospel Standard: “I will use the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus reverently. I will not swear or use crude words.”
Do you think we should take inappropriate words on our journey? If we use good language now and not participate in profanity, it will be easier to walk away from bad situations and to be able to go to the temple. Let’s pack some Toothpaste (Gospel Standard Object) to remind us to keep our mouths clean and especially reverent when we speak of Heavenly Father and Jesus. Who can help me find the Toothpaste? Play a round of Hot/Cold to find the toothpaste and then pack it in the suitcase. Song Option: Dare to Do Right, (CS, 158)

*Gospel Standard: “I will remember my baptismal covenants and listen to the Holy Ghost.”
We want to always remember the covenants or promises we made when we entered the waters of our baptism, even when we are grown up. The Holy Ghost is a gift we have been given to help us stay on the right path of our journey back to our Heavenly Father. Let’s find the Bottle of Water (Gospel Standard Object) to represent us remembering that we were baptized by immersion, the first step to the temple. Play a round of Hot/Cold to find the water and then pack it in the suitcase. Song option: “When I am Baptized”, (CS, 103)

*Gospel Standard: “I am a child of God”
I was going to pack a map before on my trip. This time we are going to pack on our journey to the temple the Plan of Salvation, which is our spiritual map directing us safely back to our Heavenly Father. We are unique to know that we are children of God and that he has given us a plan of happiness to return to Him. Let’s find the Picture of the Plan of Salvation (Gospel Standard Object) found in the Friend, January 2008, p.16 or and add it to the suitcase. Song option: “I Will Follow God's Plan for me” (CS,164-5)

*Gospel Standard: “I will keep my mind and body sacred and pure, and I will not partake of things that are harmful to me.”
If we put good food in our bodies as youth and avoid harmful substances, our bodies will be stronger as adults. So we should pack good food on our journey to the temple? Let’s find the Sack of Good Food (play food) (Gospel Standard Object) and add it to our suitcase. Song option: “The Word of Wisdom” (CS, 154)

*Gospel Standard: “I will do those things on the Sabbath that will help me feel close to Heavenly Father.”
Doing things on Sunday that keep us focused on the Savior will help us as we prepare to go to the temple. When we are married with our own families, it will be easier to teach our children this commandment if we have been following it in our youth. Let’s pack our Calendar (with Sundays circled) (Gospel Standard Object) to help us remember to always keep the Sabbath day holy. Song option: “Remember the Sabbath Day” (CS, 155)

*Gospel Standard: “I can pray to Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere”
We need to talk to our Heavenly Father through prayer. I was going to pack a cell phone in my other suitcase, will that work in THIS suitcase to talk to Heavenly Father. No, we have to pray to him always and often. Let’s find the picture of Prayer(Primary packet picture 1-9) to remind us that we need to pray to prepare to go to the temple and will need to continue to pray throughout our lives. Song option: “Child’s Prayer”, (CS, 12) (No Gospel Standard Object)

In my original suitcase, I packed a plane ticket. Will a plane ticket work to get me into the temple, be married and have an eternal family? No, I must have a Celestial Ticket.  Do you know what that looks like? (Show or describe a Temple Recommend) A Temple Recommend or “Celestial Ticket” signifies that you are living worthy to enter the Lord’s holy house. I hope you will all strive to live worthy and journey to the temple one day.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Closing song: "The Family is Of God" (2014 Sharing time Outline)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Priesthood Can Bless and Heal Me Sharing time

The Priesthood Can Heal Me Sharing Time
“The Priesthood can Bless and Strengthen my Family”
July 2013 Week 3

This is Bearry the bear.  Two months ago, Bearry learned to ride a bike.  He did learn how to ride, but not without some bumps, scrapes and bruises along the way.  Fortunately, Bearry’s dad had a first aid kit and he bandaged Barry up and gave him a priesthood blessing.  Bearry also went to the doctor and he is doing much better today.  His wounds are finally healed and he is ready to have his bandages removed.  His dad isn’t here, so would you like to help take off his bandages?  Under each bandage is a number.  We will find the matching number in the first aid kit that has a picture of Jesus healing and using the priesthood to bless lives.  We will learn about the story, discover how we can bless our families with the priesthood and then remove more bandages.  Let’s remove the first bandage.

Numbers on the pictures correspond to the numbers on Bearry's bandages

Stories written on the back of the bandaids- Bandaid clipart is taken from


#1- Jesus and the ten lepers – Once while Jesus was traveling, he met ten lepers.  Leprosy was a skin disease that affected your legs, arms, and made you lose feeling in parts of your body.  People had sores on their body and people that caught this disease had to live in their own place together because it was highly contagious.  Many people died of this disease and people that had it were considered outcasts.  Jesus healed the sores of ten men that had this disease but only one came back to thank Jesus for the miracle that he performed.  We should always be thankful.  We should remember to be thankful when we are healed by Priesthood power and say thank you to our Heavenly Father.  (Taken from

#2- Jesus heals the Boy with evil spirit – “One day when some people came to Jesus and His disciples, one of them asked the Savior to help his son.  The man had already asked the disciples to heal his son, but they could not.  The son had an evil spirit in him that made him hurt himself.  Jesus had the man get his son.  When the boy came, the evil spirit made him fall to the ground.  Jesus said that He could heal the son if the father had faith.  The father began to cry.  He said that he had faith he could heal the boy.  Jesus commanded the evil spirit to come out of the boy and to never go into him again.  The evil spirit was angry.  It hurt the boy again.  Then it obeyed Jesus and came out of the boy.  The boy was so quiet that many people said that he was dead.  But Jesus took his hand and helped him stand up.  He was healed.  The evil spirit was gone.” (Taken from  The Priesthood today can help cast out evil spirits, mental illness or even just make bad thoughts go away in our families.  We can ask for a Priesthood blessing to comfort us and if we have faith, the Lord will heal us.

#3- Jesus visits the Nephites  “When Jesus visited the Nephites in America he taught them many things and told the people to go home and think about his words.  The people didn’t want Jesus to leave them.  He asked the people if they had any sick among them, bring them to Him and he would heal them.”  He healed people that couldn’t walk, those that were blind, deaf, lepers and everyone that was brought to him.  Priesthood holders today can heal the sick, cause the lame to walk just as Jesus did when he was on the earth.  Our families will be strengthened if we ask for a priesthood blessing when ill or afflicted.

#4- Nephites receive the Holy Ghost – “The Nephites who saw Jesus Christ told their friends that he would return the next day.  A great number of people worked very hard to be where Jesus would be the next day.  The next morning Nephi and the other disciples taught the multitude… and prayed that they would receive the Holy Ghost.  Nephi went down into the water and was baptized.  Then he baptized the other disciples.  After they were baptized, the disciples received the Holy Ghost.  Angels came down from heaven and ministered unto them... the Savior came and stood among them.  Jesus went a little way off from the people and… prayed to Heavenly Father and thanked Him for giving the Holy Ghost to his disciples.  He asked that the Holy Ghost also be given to those who would believe his disciples’ words.”  (Taken from  We are blessed today with men that hold the same sacred priesthood that can baptize and give the gift of the Holy Ghost to bless our families.  The Holy Ghost helps warn our families of physical and spiritual dangers. 

#5- Christ heals the Nephite children – “Jesus Christ told the Nephites to bring their little children to him.  The children sat on the ground around Jesus.  The Savior told the people to kneel down upon the ground.  Then he knelt and prayed to Heavenly Father.  The Savior’s prayer was so great and marvelous that it could not be written.  Upon hearing it, the Nephites were filled with joy.  After his prayer, Jesus told the Nephites, “Blessed are ye because of your faith.  And now behold, my joy is full.  He felt so much love and happiness that he wept.  Then he took the little children, one by one, and blessed them.  He prayed to Heavenly Father for them and wept again.” (Taken from  Jesus Christ took the time to use the Priesthood to bless each and every Nephite child.  The Priesthood is given today for the healing of adults and children.  It is available to all families who have faith in its sacred power. 

#6- Raising Lazarus from the dead – Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha were faithful followers of Jesus.  Lazarus got sick and Mary and Martha got word to Jesus that he was ill.  Jesus went to the place where Lazarus was, even though there were people that were trying to kill Jesus in that town.  He knew that Lazarus was dead already but He was going to raise him from the dead.  Lazarus had been in the grave for four days and many people were comforting Mary and Martha.” (Taken from  Jesus did raise Lazarus from the dead by priesthood power.  Jesus taught that He would also suffer death.  Just like Lazarus was resurrected, He would be resurrected too and all of us would be as well.  Each week we have the opportunity with our families to partake of the sacrament given by priesthood holders.  This sacrament can remind our families of Christ’s sacrifice and strengthen us as we prepare for the Savior’s coming and even our own resurrection.

#7- Christ gives Priesthood power to apostles – When Christ was on the earth, he chose twelve men to be his disciples or apostles.  He gave these twelve men the power of the priesthood to help heal the sick, cast out evil spirits, and perform miracles and ordinances.  He ordained them the same way Apostles are ordained today, by the laying on of hands, and He gave them the same authority Apostles have today.  (Taken from, see John 4:1-2).   We have many men on the earth today – even within our own families – that hold this same special priesthood power and can perform miracles of God and be disciples of Christ.  Through these men, our families can receive ordinances such as baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost and being sealed in the temple forever. 

CONCLUSION– The Priesthood has the power to heal us, just as Bearry’s dad helped heal Bearry with a priesthood blessing.  The Priesthood that is used today is the same Priesthood that was used when Jesus was on the earth.  The priesthood can strengthen our families through its healing power. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.