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Hands like Jesus Sharing time

Sharing time- I will Make my Hands like Jesus
September 2013 week 1
Sing “Do As I’m Doing” (CS, 276), and ask the children to follow you as you do several simple actions, and have the children follow you while singing. We learn many things by following the example of others. Read the wordstrip on the board, “Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.” Jesus Christ was the only person who has lived on the earth who has set the perfect example for us to follow. (taken from the Primary Sharing time outline, April 2011) Jesus Christ used His hands his whole life to show how we should live. How can we use our hands to become like those perfect hands of Jesus? We will discover a few ways we can do that today. We will break up into four groups. Each group will get two pictures. Your teachers will help you learn about the picture. Then discuss ways Jesus used His hands in the Christ picture and what ways we can use ours like His today. Then we will share with each other what we learned.
*For Senior primary- You will also be given a mirror. After discussing the pictures, if you will write a few words on the mirror(with dry erase markers) that remind you of the Jesus Christ. There is a list to help you think, if needed. We will sing a song("I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus, CS, 78-79 or listen to "His Hands" by Kenneth Cope) and pass around the mirror and when the music stops have a child put his/her hand on the mirror with all the words and pick one and say, “My hands will or will be___________ like Jesus.”
*For Junior Primary- Sing a song and pass around the hand cards and when the music stops, the children holding the card will put their hand on the mirror and say a way that they can make their hand like Jesus or say I will make my hands like Jesus. (walk mirror around to children sitting in their chair)
Love pictures= to Sunbeams and CTR 4,  CTR 7
Serve picture=to CTR 5A, CTR 8 and Valiant 9
Work and Learn=CTR 5B, Valiant 10/11 boys
Forgive and Save=CTR 6, Valiant 10/11 girls

**Spend about 6-7 minutes letting the groups talk with teacher guidance and then have the children put the “Christ” picture next to the Christ hand and the “us” picture next to the hand that represents us.
Sorry about the bad lighting- Left side is the "Christ" pictures and the right side is the "us" pictures.
On the left side hand is a small picture of Jesus and on the right side hand is a picture of primary children.
The center picture of Christ and girl touching His hand came from Greg Olsen, "I Feel My Savior's Love"
     (You can find a copy of the file named "connecting hands" at my Skydrive:
This document has the hands blown up as well as the hand that can be passed around.
(I have lost the source of that little hand, sorry to the person who drew it!)

Junior: Have the children in each group share a couple of thoughts about the "Jesus" picture and way that Jesus used His hands to show a perfect example and served others. And share a couple of thoughts (using the other "matching  US picture" of how we can follow His example and serve others. After sharing, sing a song and pass around the hand cards and when the music stops, the children holding the card will put their hand on the mirror and say a way that they can make their hand like Jesus or say I will make my hands like Jesus. (walk mirror around to children sitting in their chair)

Senior- Have the children share a couple of the group's thoughts about the "Jesus" picture and way that Jesus used his hands to show a perfect example and served others. And share a couple of thoughts (using the other "matching  US picture" of how we can follow His example and serve others. After sharing, pass the mirrors while singing a song and when the music stops, have the children put their hand on the mirror with all the words and pick one and say, “My hands will or will be___________ like Jesus.”

Found at the dollar store(locker mirrors) and put some stickers on them.

Words to help the Senior Primary write on the mirrors to describe the Savior’s hands. Give a copy of the list to each teacher’s group

Perfect. Holy. Righteous. Loving. Kind. Friendly. Helpful. Protective. Caring. Sharing.Powerful. Mighty.Compassionate. Forgiving. Empowering. Discerning. Overwhelming.Consuming. Cleansing. Healing. Delivering. Restoring. Moving.
Creating. Destroying. Smiting. Fulfilling. Distinctive. Comforting. Providing.
Teaching. Training. Purifying. Freeing. Liberating. Preserving.
Confiding. Courageous. Victorious. Credited. Historical.Proven.Incorruptible.
Unfailable. Infallible. Trustworthy. Protected. Immune.
Responsive. Privileged. Honorable. Honored. Legitimate. Reliable. Good.
Reputable. Celebrated. Praised. Glorified. Famous. Renowned.
Producing.Creative.Abundant. Rich.Modest.Pure.Real.Moral.Wholesome.
. taken from:
(There is also a document that has the list of words to describe the Savior on the skydrive document that is linked above.)
Teacher helps on the back of pictures(don’t have to use, but if needed:(I personally like to give teachers a "safety net")

Forgive and Save-
"Jesus" picture-(Jesus on the cross- from Primary picture packet 2-61, small atonement picture in corner,
 "US" picture- (girl crying from sin taken from Gospel Principles p. 106 yes I cut it out of the book, ha! Or

(On back of Jesus on the cross picture)
Jesus Christ bled from every pore of His hands so that we may be saved
from the things we do wrong. Our Redeemer took upon Himself all the sins,
 pains, and sicknesses of all who have ever lived and will ever live
(see Alma 7:11–12). He knows our trials by firsthand experience.

Many Jews followed when the soldiers took Jesus to a hill near Jerusalem
to crucify Him. They made Him carry His own cross, then they laid Him on
 it, nailed His hands and His feet to the cross, and lifted it up.

He set the perfect example of forgiveness when He was on the cross.
Referring to the Roman soldiers who had crucified Him, He prayed,
 ”Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do“ (Luke 23:34;
True to the Faith (2004), 70-72

(On back of picture of girl crying from sin)
So even when His hands were nailed to the cross, he was forgiving
 to all and was willing to do whatever was needed to save us.
He can comfort us when we are sad or have a hard time in our life.

We take the sacrament each week to remind us what he was willing to do
 with His hands for us. What can we do to forgive someone that has wronged
 us? How can we help save someone that needs help?

"Jesus" picture- (Jesus with arm around child from Primary picture packet 2-35)
"US" picture- picture of girl hugging dad(sorry I cut this pre-blog!) or could use Children giving flowers from Primary picture packet 1-46

(On back of Jesus with arm around child picture)
While the Savior was with His disciples, some people
wanted Him to bless their children. The disciples told the
people to not bring their children to Jesus. (Mark 10:13)
Jesus Christ loves children and scolded the disciples for
 trying to send them away. He told the disciples to let the
children come to Him.Mark 10:16 says, And he took them
 up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.

(On back of girl hugging dad or Giving flowers picture)
Even when Jesus had hands that were tired, he never stopped
 using them to show love. The life of Jesus was an example of love.
 Not only did He teach men to love our Heavenly Father and each other,
but He was always a perfect example of what He taught.
“Love one another, as I have loved you.” (John 15:12.)
How can we use our hands to show love
 like Jesus did to others around us?

"Jesus" picture- Jesus washing disciples’ feet from Primary picture packet 2-60
 "US" picture-Girl washing dishes with dad from Primary picture packet 1-45

(on back of Jesus washing disciples' feet picture)
It was not unusual for people to have their feet washed, because
 most people wore sandals and their feet became very dusty and
 dirty. But usually a servant did this job. Peter did not
want Jesus to wash his feet because he thought it was not right for
Jesus to act as a servant. But Jesus used his hands and washed the
disciples feet, one by one.
 Jesus explained to the Apostles that even though he was the Savior,
 he still served them. He wanted them to understand that they should
serve each other. "Lesson 39: I Can Follow Jesus Christ by Serving Others,"
Primary 2: Choose the Right A, (1995)
(On back of picture of Girl washing dishes-)
Jesus said, “I am among you as he that serveth”(Luke 22:27) As true
followers of Jesus Christ, we must serve others. Jesus taught that everyone
 must help each other, no matter their age, their income(money intake),
social position, etc. There are many ways to serve. Helping share food or
 other articles to those in need, being a friend to someone new, caring for the sick, helping the elderly, teaching the gospel are all examples of service.

What ways can we use our hands to serve those around us?
In our home, at school, church, or at play, how can we be a helping hand?

Work and Learn
"Jesus" picture- (Jesus with Joseph carving wood from Primary picture packet 2-11)
"US" picture- working to gather harvest of potatoes(sorry again, cut this one pre-blog), could use Family harvesting from Primary picture packet 1-51 and small picture of reading scriptures, could use

(On back of Jesus with Joseph carving wood picture)
Jesus Christ probably learned many things from Joseph, his
 earthly father, including how to be a carpenter. Jesus learned
from his father at a young age that hard work was important and
 worked side by side with his earthly father as he carved blocks of
 wood with his hands into useful things [for others]. As Jesus grew, the Spirit
of God was strong in him. He studied the scriptures and gained wisdom
 through prayer. He learned many lessons from Joseph and was able
to teach his father how to be a good example. (taken from the Gospel
Art picture, Childhood of Jesus Christ, 206)

(On back of working to gather harvest picture)

What ways do we use our hands to work for others? What jobs have we learned from our parents?
What can we teach others to do? How can we use our hands to learn?

I challenge you to go home and make your hands like Jesus this week. Use your hands to serve, work, forgive and love like His perfect hands do. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.


  1. These are great ideas. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I love the idea of using hands to provide service. Shows the children hands are/can be used for good things. Helping a family member, friend or stranger. Doing a good turn without prompting. I will be using part of this for sharing time with our senior/junior primary.

  3. Me encantó!!! lo voy a utilizar para mi clase. GRACIAS!!!!!!!!!!. Argentina-Ushuaia