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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is True Sharing time

Sharing time- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is True!

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith

April Week 2
could combine with Week 4
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Joseph Smith restored the true church of Jesus Christ back to the earth after the Apostasy. Has anyone ever gone on a tour of a museum or a historical landmark? Today, we are going to go on a tour some of our Church’s history and see some REAL pictures of the sites that we have heard stories at home, Sunday school class, and Primary. I hope you feel the spirit of these places and your testimony grows.


Church history trip 5:09 Commentary for the different slides-(You may have to pause the slideshow)
Here is a link to the slideshow that my husband helped put together. YouTube is the only way I could get it on my blog, hopefully people can find it, download it, or have internet access in the building to show it.

1)               Joseph’s Smith’s birthplace in Vermont state

2)               The monument that helps us remember where he was born. Now is a visitor’s center

3)               Brigham Young was born also in Vermont. Didn’t know Joseph Smith until much later

4)               New York is where Joseph Smith grew up and he worked as a youth on the Erie canal where boats came and brought useful goods.

5)               Joseph’s Smith’s log home where he grew up. On the 100-acre property that became the family farm, young Joseph and his brothers and sisters learned to work hard, love each other, and do as they were commanded of God.

a.       Fourteen-year-old Joseph was living here at the time of his First Vision in the spring of 1820.

b.      When the Church purchased this property in 1930, the log home was no longer standing. A replica was rebuilt on the original site and dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley in 1998

6.)             The roof and inside of log home.

7.)             The Sacred Grove where Joseph saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as he was praying about which church to join. This is such a reverent place.

8.)             Where Angel Moroni came and told Joseph about the gold plates and where to find them Three-and-a-half years later. A replica or copy of the gold plates that weighed 50 pounds

9.)             Joseph Smith frame home where he rented out to people. The Joseph Smith Sr. family moved into a new frame home in late 1825. Alvin Smith, Joseph's older brother, started construction on the house on the Smith farm in 1822. After Alvin's death in 1823, the family completed it. Joseph brought his new wife, Emma, to live here in January 1827. The Prophet often kept the plates hidden inside and around the frame home. In this home, Joseph learned that his scribe Martin Harris had lost 116 pages of the Book of Mormon translation.

10.)         His brother’s gravestone

11.)         Where the first Book of Mormon was published.

12.)         The Book of Mormon was first printed and sold in this building, located in the business district of historic Palmyra, New York. Let's catch a glimpse of the printing and binding processes of the 1820s. 

13.)         Joseph’s Smith’s hand writing of the book of Mormon as told by Heavenly Father.

14.)         The printing of the Book of Mormon took a long time. (series of slides)They had to lay each letter of the pages in place and then stamp the letters to the paper, let the paper dry, then they had to fold the papers stack them, bind then with string and then glue them and press the papers and make the book thinner and finally put the cover on.

15.)         One of the first Book of Mormons

16.)         Fayette, New York where the church was first organized.

17.)         They had their first sacrament meeting in this home. On April 6, about 60 friends and family members crowded into the 20-by-30-foot home to witness the organization of the true church.

18.)         Where Joseph translated part of the Bible or wrote words directly from Heavenly Father since parts of the Bible have been lost.

19.)         Now this place is a Visitor’s Center

20.)         Now they have the Hill Cumorah pageant to help remind us the importance of the Book of Mormon. Some people didn’t want us to go see the play. I’m glad we did. But we saw the stories of Lehi and the tent, the Tree of Life and Jesus appearing to the Nephites.

21.)         Palmyra temple


Next section of the Church history slideshow-5:27
Here is the link to the slideshow on youtube format- You can hopefully download it or have internet access in the building.


 As we learn more about the history of the Church I want to skip ahead and tell you about the martyrdom of Joseph Smith because I don’t want to talk a lot during that section of the video. But I do want you to imagine how sad it must have been. Joseph and His brother Hyrum were put in Carthage Jail in Carthage, Illinois which remains about the saddest and most run down city I have ever seen. They were put in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. Bad people raced to the jail and fired a bullet hole through the door of the jail and killed Hyrum. He screamed, "I am a dead man" as he fell to the floor. Joseph backed up to the window and was shot and fell out of the window to his death. Then you will see his gravestone next to his brother’s. Please be reverent as you watch the pictures.


1.)          The Saints were told to leave Missouri so they developed a city called Nauvoo that became a beautiful city.

2.)          It was a swamp when they got there.

3.)          They drained the water(without machines) and it became one of the greatest cities in Illinois state.

4.)          One of Joseph Smiths favorite games was stick pulling like tug a war. Trying to pull the person down was the goal!

5.)          The Homestead served as Church headquarters for about two years. Joseph enlarged the home in 1840. Here Joseph recorded instructions on vicarious baptism for the dead, and the Lord revealed to him that the Saints should build a temple in Nauvoo.

6.)          Cemetery where all the family was buried when they died

7.)          Printing press for their newspaper

8.)          Nauvoo was a great city. They made bricks for homes, they had blacksmith to make tools because they had to make everything they used.

9.)          Carthage jail- the saddest city that I have ever been to. This is the place where Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were killed. (no commentary during the next few slides)

10.)      The Saints knew they must press forward and finished the temple they were commanded to complete.

11.)      Nauvoo Temple- The Nauvoo Temple was the first in which ordinances such as eternal marriage and baptism for the dead were performed.

12.)      The Nauvoo temple burned after the Saints left Nauvoo to head west to Utah. There is now a replica Nauvoo  working temple built today.

13.)      The Saints traveled across the Mississippi river with wagons on rafts until the river froze over and could travel on the ice. It was a difficult journey.

14.)      They built log cabins so that those that made the journey after them could have refuge from the weather and rest from the journey.

15.)      Actual wagon ruts on the trail that still exist today.

16.)      Kanesville Tabernacle-In the Kanesville Tabernacle, built by 200 pioneers in just two and a half weeks, Brigham Young was sustained as the second prophet and President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The current log tabernacle is a replica of the original meeting hall.

17.)      The Saints traveled to Winter Quarters, Nebraska and established a settlement. More than 600 died and were buried at Winter Quarters due to illness and poor nutrition.

18.)      There is now a temple in Winter Quarters next to the visitor’s center.

19.)      Many churches have split from our Church and started their own church. The largest church to break away is the Community of Christ church formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

20.)      Many doctrines have been changed, for example men and women can hold the Priesthood and serve as apostles.

21.)      There are other small churches that have split from our church. I have a testimony that our Church is the only true church on the earth.
In the name of Jesus Christ amen.
Here is a link to the second section of our Church History tour that I eliminated from the sharing time(I included section 1 and 3) because I wanted to focus more on the early and later life of the prophet Joseph Smith. Feel free to use it if it works with your Primary. It is about 5 minutes long, as well.
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