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Clothing Modesty Sharing Time

Clothing Modesty Sharing Time
Please see: "Modest Molly" Sharing time, I made changes to this lesson!
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Quotes source: “For the Strength of Youth, p.14-15)

            This is Molly. (drawn outline of person on the chalkboard. Molly has on a construction paper tank top and short shorts (magnet cards on back of clothes so they stick to board. She has blue spiky hair and magnet earrings all over her ears) Molly is a girl that likes to go to the park, the beach and goes to church too. Molly is confused about how to respect her body and dress it in a way that would make Heavenly Father happy. She has heard the scripture 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 before, “ Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?... The temple is holy, which temple ye are” Could our Primary help her understand that our bodies are like this temple (show picture), pure, clean and modest/covered and we should always ask the question, “Would I wear this or look like this if Jesus stood beside me?”

Do you think we can help her?!!! Great, let’s help Molly! Well, first let’s start with the hair. The Prophet has told us in the “For the Strength of Youth” booklet that you may have seen before(show booklet) that we should not have extreme hairstyles. So I need a helper to be a hair stylist and transform the spiky blue hair into something that would be more pleasing to the Lord. (put blonde hairdo on Molly on the chalkboard.) Remember that the boys need also keep their hair groomed, cut and “missionary ready.” Now, what about all these earrings??? The prophet states that girls should have only one pair of pierced ears (one in each ear). So I need a helper to take all these other earrings off. And you will have to tell her brother Max that boys aren’t supposed to have any earrings. Now should Molly have me draw a tattoo or picture that is stained on her body. Start to draw with colored chalk. Oh wait, temples don’t have marking all over them and since our body is a temple… we shouldn’t mark our bodies either. Ok.. Molly, Got that! And tell your brother that the prophet has said no tattoos on boy’s bodies either!!

            Ok now let’s take a look into Molly’s clothes dryers and see how we can teach her what exactly are modest clothes.  (Have a helper pull out the construction paper clothes that are literally hanging out of the dryer. (They are the modest version of the clothes that she is currently wearing on the blackboard. Her short jean short shorts and tank top need to change to sleeved t shirt and jean knee length shorts.
  • ÿ       Read quote on the back of the long shorts that is stuck on a dryer sheet.) Oh, there is a dryer sheet on the back, let’s see what it says… “Immodest clothing includes short shorts.”
  • ÿ       Read quote on the orange tank top, “Young women should wear clothing that covers the shoulders…”
  • ÿ       Read quote on back of the t shirt on dryer sheet “The way you dress is a reflection of what you are on the inside” (have helper change Molly’s clothes to modest clothes)
Do you think she is more prepared if the Savior stood beside her now? Modest Molly is now ready to go to the park. Let’s throw this outfit in the trash can (have a plastic trash can nearby)

            Now Molly would like to go to a beach party. Can I get a helper to find her black swimming clothes out of the dryer? (have immodest two piece swim suit paper clipped together with the modest one piece swimsuit.) This is what Molly was going to wear to the party? Put the swimsuit on Molly. Hmmm… Would Molly wear this if the Savior stood beside her? Let’s look at the other option, Great!, there is a dryer sheet on the back with some help. (Read quote on back of the modest swimsuit) “Never lower your dress standards for any occasion” So even though many of Molly’s friends will be wearing this type (point to bikini) of swim suit, the prophet has told us that wearing clothes that show too much of the body (the tummy, etc.) isn’t making Heavenly Father happy. Let’s have a teacher come help Molly become Modest Molly at the beach party. Can I have a helper that will throw the inappropriate swim suit into the trash can?

            Now, Molly is going to school. She needs her blue top and black pants. Can I have a helper find her blue top and black pants. (Have the two blue shirts and black pants paper clipped together) Have a helper put on the see thru blue top (made out of blue Saran wrap) and tight pants. Hmmm… do you think that Modest Molly should wear this see thru shirt and tight pants if the Savior stood beside her? Oh, there is a dryer sheet on this outfit that may be able to help her decide.

 “Your body is God’s sacred creation” Your body is His gift to you. “Through your dress and appearance, you can show the Lord that you know how precious your body is.” If you can see through your shirt, is that a good way to thank him for your beautiful body? Would you wear that if the Savior stood beside you? Let’s put a blue shirt that covers Molly’s precious body and looser pants. Modest Molly is now showing respect for her body and is preparing her temple to enter the Holy temple. (Have a helper put on the modest school clothes and have another helper throw the see thru shirt and tight pants outfit in the trashcan) Molly’s brother Max needs to be careful of tight clothing too and see thru muscle shirts.

            Next Molly is going to go to church. Can I have a helper find her green and yellow outfit that she was planning to wear? (Put on the green haltertop/midriff and miniskirt.) Ok, is she Modest Molly? Why not? (Let the kids discover what could be done to improve the outfit *check for understanding*) Yes, her skirt is too short and her top needs sleeves, and needs to cover her tummy. I think Modest Molly is starting to get the idea how to be more modest in dress. (Have a helper put the modest green blouse and the yellow long shirt on Molly) We should dress appropriate when we go to church and Modest Molly is ready to feel the spirit during the meetings. I need a helper to put the inappropriate outfit in the trash can. Molly should tell Max that he should also wear appropriate clothes at church too.

            Now that Molly is Modest Molly, she is going to try and remember to cover her body with the clothes she wears. Oh it is almost Sunday and she didn’t wash her white and red dress. Can I get a helper to get it from by the washer and put it on Molly? Now Molly IS modest and the clothes cover her body, but is she ready to attend church. No, her dress is dirty and wrinkled very badly. The prophet has asked us to look our best at church, clean and without being sloppy with our clothing. Can I get a helper to get the pressed, clean dress from the dryer and let’s put it on Modest Molly so she can be well groomed to take the sacrament at church. Max will also need to remember to press church clothes on Saturday!

Thank you so much for teaching Molly how her body is like a holy temple and how she needs to always show that she is a follower of Jesus Christ. I hope you will all remember to and ask yourself if you would wear your outfit next to the Jesus before you put it on or buy it from the store. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


  1. love this! do you have a pattern for Molly and her clothes and hair?

  2. I don't have a pattern, sorry:( I took a multipage booklet of large construction paper and cut the tank top and then used that as my pattern to make the other shirts. I drew the shorts and then just copied them and made them longer and used them to make the skirts. Sorry that I don't have the computer skills to create a pattern:(

  3. The cricut cartridge paper dolls has all of these clothes.

  4. this is really great. I can see JR really enjoying this. Did you adapt it at all for SR or did you do the same thing?

  5. For those that are planning to do my sharing time, I have reworked it after testing it out at Family Home Evening. It looked much better on paper!!!! My children had many questions that I was nervous about answering in the primary setting. It just didn't go well! I am NO LONGER dressing Molly. She will be clothed and the clothes are now on hangers and will simply be held up to her and the appropriate clothes will be hung in her "chalkboard closet!" I have also eliminated the earrings and extreme hairstyles from the lesson. It was too much for the children and after reading the comments on sugardoodle, I have tried to be more sensitive that children of primary age may not have as much control over their appearance as the youth. Anyways, check it out and decide what is right for your primary:)

  6. Thanks for posting this! It is so cute and I can't wait to use it on Sunday with my Primary.

  7. I used this for our sharing time and loved it, the teachers loved it too. It was too funny that as soon as the boys saw "Molly" on the chalkboard and what she was wearing they started covering their eyes!! And the girls were picking apart her clothes which were "so-o immodest". Thanks for a great idea to share.