Friday, July 15, 2011

Scripture scholar worm

Scripture Scholar Worm
This idea was taken from a wonderful site called Beehives Messages. Here is the original link and thanks to her for the inspiration

Our Primary Presidency wanted to encourage the children to read the scriptures more diligently. So the Scripture Scholar worm seemed like a great way to help motivate the younger children to start or participate in a scripture reading program at home. The Junior Primary is given the Scripture worm(available for $5 on the oriental trading company website)

The Junior Primary member is selected to take the scripture worm home with them and take care of him for the week. They are to invite the scripture worm to scripture study every day with their families and help him on his way to becoming a scripture scholar worm. The Junior member shares the worm with the Senior members in their family. The family chooses what scripture the worm liked that week, or a scripture story, and we have even had the worm come back with challenges to read the Book of Mormon before baptism, etc. I know, smart parents in our ward! The family signs their name on the worm and returns it the following Sunday. Then during opening exercises, the child tells briefly about their experience with the scripture worm and shares a favorite scripture or thought. We have done about 10 families and the kids are very eager for their turn to take care of the worm. It has been very successful and wasn't very costly.

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  1. absolutely LOVE this idea! I am a new Primary President and wish it was the beginning of the