Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spiritual Body Exercise Plan Sharing time

Sharing time- My Spiritual Body Exercise Plan
February 2013 week 3 theme- I have been sent to earth to gain a body and to be tested

 “Denver Brown [a weightlifter] from Seymour, Missouri, started out bench-pressing 80 pounds when he was 14.  Now that he’s 19, he can bench 430 pounds….  In fact, he holds the United States record in his age group for raw lifting.  As a state and national record holder in bench-press events for his age group, Denver has trophies to prove he’s physically fit.”

Denver was given a physical body from our Heavenly Father and through a carefully crafted physical exercise program he was able to strengthen his body to become a champion weightlifter.  We shouldn’t attempt to lift 400 pounds (this took Denver years to safely master), but we can exercise our bodies daily to help ensure they stay strong and healthy.  We have been given these magnificent physical bodies from our Heavenly Father, but we have also been given spiritual bodies to care for on earth.  Can we spiritually exercise our bodies?  Of course we can.  We are going to discover a “spiritual exercise program” to help strengthen our spiritual bodies.  Source:

So where do we start?  We need to have a goal when we physically exercise.  Denver had a goal to lift a certain number of pounds.  Our goal when we spiritually exercise is “to become like Jesus Christ” (Put a picture of Jesus the Christ from Primary picture packet 2-3 at the top of the chalkboard)

Do you think Denver did his physical exercise program one time and was done and won the weightlifting trophy?  No, of course not, his program was consistent – meaning he did it day after day.  (Put up a picture of a calendar on the chalkboard) We need to exercise our spiritual bodies each day to make them stronger.  Sometimes it takes time and not everyone’s spiritual body is at the same spiritual level.  I cannot lift 400 pounds, but I can improve on the 20 pounds I can lift.
Before and after Denver lifts weights, he prepares his body.  He stretches his arms, legs, etc.  Let’s see everyone stretch their physical bodies!  How can we prepare our spiritual bodies before and after we spiritually exercise?  (Put up picture of “girl’s morning prayer”  from Primary picture packet 1-9) We can pray to prepare our spiritual bodies! “Among the most important of spiritual exercises is prayer.  It engenders harmony with God and a desire to keep His commandments.” (

(Show a grocery bag with play food and scriptures at the bottom of the bag). 
 Our physical diet, what we eat, is very important to any physical exercise program.  We need to fill our bodies with food like fruits, vegetables, grains (remove food from grocery bag) that will nourish and strengthen us.  Junk food doesn’t strengthen or give your body long lasting energy it needs.  “Nephi taught us to “feast upon the words of Christ” (2 Ne.  32:3).  Just as we need temporal food to maintain our health and strength, we also need spiritual food…to keep us spiritually healthy and strong…  “Do we look to the scriptures (take scriptures out of grocery bag)  as a source of great spiritual power?  If not, we are missing a wonderful opportunity for spiritual nourishment and strength.”  (Taken from L.  Tom Perry, “Give Heed Unto the Word of the Lord”  What are some examples of spiritual junk food?  (bad books/ magazines, bad movies, drugs, not keeping the Sabbath day holy, bad websites, bad music lyrics, etc.)

Denver needed to build his muscles through exercise to make them stronger and increase the number of pounds he was able to lift.  “Just like physical exercise, we must exercise our spiritual muscles if we want to stay strong.” (November 2010 New Era, “Finding my Second Wind” by Jeff Marler  So how do we exercise our spiritual muscles?  (Have a child place a light free weight on each side of a weight set for each example of spiritual muscle in the body.  Brainstorm how that muscle can be spiritually strengthened.  Source:

1.       FEET- They can be spiritually strengthen as they come to church each Sunday.  They can reverently walk in the church. 

2.       HANDS- They can partake of the sacrament each week and be strengthened.  Hands can be reverent in primary and be obedient to commandments. 

3.       EYES- Eye muscles may be small, but they can also be strengthened by looking at appropriate pictures, content, reading the scriptures and other good books and learning new things.

4.       EARS- Listening to the Prophet, church leaders, and our parents are ways to build spiritual muscles in our ears. 

5.       MOUTH- We can share our testimony of the gospel with others and gain spiritual muscles in our mouth.  Singing uplifting songs can make our spiritual body stronger.  Do you think speaking kind words to others should be added to our spiritual exercise program? 

6.       HEART- We can work our spiritual heart by doing acts of good deeds for others.  Feel love towards others always. 

(Body parts taken from 2013 Primary Sharing time outline “I am a Child of God”)

(Have a child come up and lift the free weight.  Have them do a couple of reps until they are tired.) “You can’t just work out one day and expect to compete and do well,”… “Just like you can’t expect to come to church one day and then be ready to go on a mission.  It takes time.”  (

I never said that the spiritual exercise program was going to be easy.  Remember, we have to continuously do these things.  Sometimes, we need a little help.  When Denver was lifting weights, he had a personal trainer to ensure he was safe while lifting them.  The trainer would warn him if something he did was dangerous.  Our spiritual body also has a personal trainer to help keep it safe and warn of dangers.  This is the Holy Ghost.  (Put up picture of “Confirmation of the Holy Ghost” from Primary picture packet 2-30 on the chalkboard) We need to listen to our trainer, the Holy Ghost.

If we develop a spiritual exercise plan and follow it, our spiritual bodies and also our physical bodies will become stronger.  As we strive to our goal of becoming like Jesus Christ, we will be happy and healthy.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



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