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The Fall Was Part of God's Plan Sharing time

The Fall of Adam and Eve was Part of God’s Plan Sharing time
February 2012 Week 2
Before we came to this earth, we were taught of a great plan of happiness.  Before coming to earth, we lived in heaven as spirits.  This is called our Premortal life (put up a picture of “Our Premortal Life” from Primary packet 3-3) and underneath a wordstrip of PREMORTAL LIFE  “God prepared the earth as a home for His children.  Adam and Eve were chosen to be the first people to live on the earth in the Garden of Eden (Put up a picture of “Adam of Eve in the Garden of Eden” from Gospel Art Kit 101 next to the “Premortal life” picture and underneath a wordstrip of GARDEN OF EDEN ). “Their part in our Father’s plan was to bring mortality (all of us) into the world.” http://www.lds.org/manual/gospel-principles/chapter-6-the-fall-of-adam-and-eve?lang=eng  Adam and Eve partook of the forbidden fruit and sinned, this is called the Fall of Adam and Eve.  Because of the fall (put up a picture of“Earth” from Primary Packet 1-1 and underneath wordstrip labeled “THE FALL OF ADAM AND EVE”), we were able to come to earth and receive bodies and continue Heavenly Father’s plan.
We are going to better discover the role Adam and Eve’s fall had in the “great plan of happiness” through a game.  We are going to remove these Jenga blocks and try to keep the structure standing.  But if it does fall remember, "Adam fell that men might be; and men are that they might have joy" (2 Nephi 2:24-25.) The fall was part of the plan! (Keep a note of which color and block you are discussing so the game can continue quickly)  If it does fall, repeat, “Adam fell that men might be” and we will fix it, and continue with the number block we were previously on.  As we build, we will learn more in detail about the importance of Adam and Eve.  The blue block structure help us understand our “PREMORTAL LIFE”, Green block structure help us learn about the “GARDEN OF EDEN”, Red block structure help us understand the “FALL OF ADAM AND EVE”.  The tan blocks are JUST for support. We will start with removing the blue blocks.  Let’s find Premortal life blue block #1!
NOTE: I covered the blocks edges with colored paper, put the number on the edge and taped each statement in corresponding color to the face of the block.  I have three separate structures - blue, green and red to avoid the blocks falling too much. I have strategically placed the numbered blocks to keep the structure as stable as possible – one number block per row.

(Have primary children remove blue blocks in order and read the corresponding statement with each removal)
1.Before we were born, we chose to follow Heavenly Father’s plan.
2.Adam and Eve were among our Father’s noblest children.
3. Adam and Eve, and we also are created in the image of God.
4. In the spirit world, Adam was called Michael the archangel or chief angel.  He was a special servant of God and Christ. (source: http://www.lds.org/general-conference/1980/10/adam-the-archangel?lang=eng )
5. Adam was chosen by our Heavenly Father to lead the righteous in the battle against Satan.
6. Adam(Michael, the archangel) assisted Jesus Christ in the creation of the world. (source: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2004/10/the-women-in-our-lives?lang=eng )

(Have children remove green blocks in order and read the corresponding statement with each removal)
1. When Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden, they were not yet mortal.  They wouldn’t die.
2. Adam and Eve had no blood and couldn’t bear children. (source: http://www.lds.org/scriptures/bd/fall-of-adam?lang=eng)
3. There was no sickness, pain, or death in the Garden of Eden.
4. When Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden, he was in the presence of God.  He freely talked with God. (source: http://www.lds.org/ensign/2006/01/adams-role-in-bringing-us-mortality?lang=eng)
5. God told Adam and Eve they could freely eat of every tree in the garden except one, the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
6. God gave Adam and Eve commandments to follow and agency.
7. Satan tempted Adam and Eve and tried to destroy Heavenly Father’s plan.

(Have children remove red blocks in order and read the corresponding statement with each removal)

1. Eve chose to partake of the forbidden fruit first, then Adam followed her.
2. Because Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, they were cast out of the Garden of Eden.
3. Adam and Eve were separated from the presence of the Lord and subject to physical death.
4. Adam and Eve had to “till the earth” or work provide for their own needs.
5. Adam and Eve were married and became the first parents of man.
6. Because of the Fall, Adam and Eve were able to obey the commandment to “multiply and replenish the earth”, or have children (see Gen 1:28)
7. Because Adam and Eve fell, we were able to come to earth, receive bodies and be tested.
8. A Savior, Jesus Christ was chosen before the Fall to save us from sin and return back to Heavenly Father.
Source for Fall of Adam statements: http://www.lds.org/topics/fall-of-adam?lang=eng

LESSONS FROM ADAM AND EVE- Activity (if time permits)

Adam and Eve were the first parents of man, and like our own parents, we can learn lessons from their teachings and example.  Pass around the picture of “Adam and Eve teaching their children” (from Primary picture packet 3-5) and sing the “Second Article of Faith song, (CS, 122 ) or first verse of “Follow the Prophet”, (CS, 110-111). When the music stops, have a child read one the below statements or help hold the picture as you read a lesson that can be learned from Adam and Eve.

Or could use “Like Adam and Eve” pictures from Friend, February 2009:

1. Adam was a son of God and Eve was a daughter of God. I am a son or daughter of God too.
2. Adam and Eve were honest in confessing their transgression or sin. I can be honest too.
3. Adam and Eve obeyed God’s commandments. I can obey the commandments too.
4. Adam honored his priesthood. I can honor the priesthood too.
5. Adam honored Eve. I can treat women with respect too.
6. Eve was a righteous mother. The girls can prepare to be righteous mothers too.
7. Adam and Eve loved their family. I can love my family too.
8. Adam and Eve taught their family the gospel. I can share the gospel too.

Lessons from Adam and Eve statements were taken from http://www.lds.org/liahona/2009/02/like-adam-and-eve?lang=eng&query="like+adam"

The Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith said, “Brethren and sisters, let’s thank the Lord, when we pray, for Adam [and Eve].  If it hadn’t been for Adam [and Eve], I wouldn’t be here; you wouldn’t be here; we would be waiting in the heavens as spirits pleading for somebody … to pass through a certain condition that brought upon us mortality.” http://www.lds.org/ensign/2006/01/adams-role-in-bringing-us-mortality?lang=eng.  I am thankful for Adam and Eve, in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

 Here are some labels for the Adam and Eve Jenga pieces(I am not computer saavy, feel free to improve upon them, haha!)

      You can find a copy of the file named "Adam and Eve Jenga pieces" at my Skydrive: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=976904c8bfc9a79e&sc=documents&id=976904C8BFC9A79E%21105)



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    Just wanted to share some articles that helped me this week as I was studying to prepare for sharing time. http://www.lds.org/ensign/2006/06/the-fulness-of-the-gospel-the-fall-of-adam-and-eve?lang=eng
    I like how this article distinguishes the difference between sin and transgression. It explains how Adam and Eve were living in a state of innocence (like children before they are baptized) and so they couldn't sin.
    This one is good too:
    I also liked this New Era one: http://www.lds.org/new-era/1973/09/qa-questions-and-answers?lang=eng
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