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Church Members Choose the Right Sharing time

Sharing Time- Week 4- Church Members today are Blessed for Choosing the Right
World picture is from Primary picture packet 3-58. The board is missing the Denmark flag, sorry!

Source: Use this resource to free hand draw the CTR’s in different langauges on white paper. Cut out and glue onto shield template printed on green paper-
I did recently find these on by Ckaz Dean. There are some on there that match the countries in the lesson. or these from!cpZZ1QQtppZZ16
Also print out wordstrips of the translations of “Choose the Right” in Spanish, French, Danish, Italian, English, Japanese,  German, Tongan, Korean, Samoan,  that are found in that Friend article. Put wordstrips on back of a picture of the countries flag. Google image the flags:

Church members all over the world are blessed for choosing the right. We are going to take a journey today to many parts of the world and see how they chose the right. There are many ways children say “Choose the Right” and their CTR rings may look a little different from ours. But they all mean the same thing. Choose what Jesus would do. We are going to have a member come and choose a translation of “Choose the Right” in a language and see on the back what country we are headed. Then we will figure out what their CTR ring shield may look like and read a story about someone from that country that chose the right. Thank you for flying Primary Airways, please remain seated with your reverent arms fastened and away we go!

Stories glued on the back the prepared translated CTR shields in their countries’ respective languages. Sorry, I couldn’t find the shields clipart images on google.

Spanish- HLJ,
 Italian- SIG,
France- CLB

Tonga- from Tonga:True to the Faith by Janet Thomas, New Era July 2002
picture of Tongan girl- pg 28

“The other area of temptation that is not much of a problem in Tonga is keeping the Sabbath day holy. In Tonga, it is written into the country’s constitution that businesses must close on Sunday. What does everyone do on Sunday? Lesila ‘Alatini of the Ha‘ateiho First Ward says, “We go to church. We eat and walk around. It’s nice just to relax.” So the people of Tonga choose the right by keeping the Sabbath day Holy.

Denmark- from Friend July 2010 "Pioneer Parasols"-  picture of girls
(paraphrased) A story about a 3 year old Sarah and a 5 year old Christina whose family had joined the church a long time ago in Denmark. They were getting ready to go on a ship and travel to America to join the Saints in Salt Lake. They looked at their bedroom and all that they would have to leave behind.  They couldn’t bring much, but decided to bring their parasols but left their dolls, books, everything. The voyage was long, but they made it and then had to get on a wagon and travel the rest of the way. There were many hardships, they lost their baby brother and he died on the way. They finally made it to Salt Lake and they carried their parasols to church with them to keep the sun off their faces. But soon money got tight and they didn’t have food. The girls traded their loved parasols for flour because their family needed food. The girls were grateful that their parasols helped their family. We can choose the right by giving things up to someone that needs them more.

France- From Friend October 2011 “How I Gained my testimony” An interview with Gerald Causse of the Seventy
could use picture pg 3 of

“When I was 11, my Primary teacher in France gave me a Book of Mormon. We put a date on each page as a reading calendar. I started reading one page each day. But quickly I got so excited about my readings that I was ahead of schedule most of the time. Sometimes I read in the car when going to or from church or on vacation. I finished reading the Book of Mormon much sooner than was expected.

I felt like an expert on the battles between the Nephites and the Lamanites. My heroes were Mormon, Captain Moroni, Ammon, and the 2,000 stripling soldiers. I made drawings about the battles. I gained a testimony that the Book of Mormon is not just a story—it is a real history. The Holy Ghost testified to me that the Book of Mormon was written by prophets under the inspiration of God. That’s how I gained a testimony of Jesus Christ, the restored Church, and Joseph Smith. It all started with the Book of Mormon. I am grateful for my Primary teacher.” We can choose the right by giving someone a Book of Mormon like the teacher did in the story.

Germany- From “Friend to Friend,” Friend, June 1998, 6–7. Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“ When I was little, I lived in Zwickau, Germany. My grandmother had a friend with white, flowing hair. Her name was Sister Ewig and she invited my grandmother to church. When our family went there, we saw many children. All of us were very impressed by the music, especially the singing. One song, “Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam” really impressed me. I felt close to Jesus when I sang it. I knew that He wanted me to be a sunbeam for Him. I still love that song- and the testimony that it gave me of the Savior. My whole family- except me, because I was six years old- were baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. When I was eight, I was baptized in a public swimming pool by my father. I challenge you children to follow the words of the prophets. ...When you do, you will find the answers to your questions, whether you are 6, 9, 11, 19, or, like me, 69 years old!”

Italy- From Friend Apr. 2008 “Standing Tall- Judy and Christopher Sereni of Calci, Italy”
picture of Judy and Christopher-    page 29
Judy and Christopher Sereni live just outside of Pisa, Italy.

"In this part of Italy, there is a tower that leans. (show picture of Leaning tower of Pisa) People used to think that the 12th-century architect meant for the bell tower to lean, but scientists have discovered that it was designed to stand straight up. The ground underneath the Leaning Tower of Pisa moves unpredictably, and water collects beneath the foundation, rising and falling depending on the season. For 200 years builders tried to stop the tower’s tilt, but one fact made it impossible: the tower’s foundation shifted with the movement of the unstable ground. Today scientists are working to make the Leaning Tower more stable. They say it will be good for another 300 years or so." Do we stand tall in what we believe in and are we firm on choosing the right? We can’t let our testimonies lean and fall. We must have strong foundations that will hold for eternity.

Japan-From Friend July 1992, “Sharing time- Showing Love, Honor, and Respect for Parents”

“Chieko Nishimura Okazaki has good parents. She had grandparents that were from Japan and were hard workers. They were Buddists, Buddhism being the main religion in Japan. They didn’t know Jesus Christ. But they knew goodness. They taught her to be kigatsuku(key-got-sue-koo) That means being good without being asked. Her mother as sweeping the floor  would say to her, “Cheiko, what would a kigatsku (key-got-sue-koo) girl do now? She would think for a minute and get a dustpan and hold it for her.” So can we be (key-got-sue-koo) too and choose the right without being asked to do it!

Samoa-From Friend July 2006 “Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice: Frame your Life with Faith” by President Thomas S. Monson
picture of hand shake- pg 3 of
“Many years ago, on my first visit to the village of Sauniatu in Samoa, my wife and I met with a large gathering of small children—nearly 200 in number. At the conclusion of our messages to these shy yet beautiful youngsters, I suggested to the native Samoan teacher that we go forward with the closing exercises. As he announced the final hymn, I suddenly felt compelled to greet personally each of these children. My watch revealed that the time was too short for such a privilege, for we were scheduled on a flight out of the country, so I discounted the impression. Before the benediction was to be spoken, I again felt that I should shake the hand of each child.” Later the instructor told him that he had previously that if they prayed earnestly that the Apostle(he wasn’t yet the Prophet) would feel impressed to greet each child and shake each of their hands. So we can choose the right and listen to the Holy Ghost and act upon a feeling like President Monson did.

Mexico- From Friend, May 1999, “Friend to Friend- An interview with Jerald L. Taylor of the Seventy by Janet Peterson”

“I was born and raised in Colonia Dubl├ín, one of the Latter-day Saint pioneer colonies in northern Mexico.”…  “I remember one time when I was about eight years old and we were in a drought situation—it had been a long time since it had rained, and we needed it desperately. Our ward had a special fast, and by the time we left our sacrament meeting, the clouds had gathered and it started to rain. We relied on the Lord because of our need. Sometimes our family fasted for the blessing of rain, and it rained. It was a matter of knowing that if we did our part, the Lord would bless us. That built great faith in me as a young boy.” We may not have farms, but we can choose the right by praying for the things our family needs.

Korea- from Friend April 1997, “Kim Ho Jik- Korean Pioneer” by Rebecca Taylor

“Kim Ho Jik was the first Korean to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was born April 16, 1905. He joined the Presbyterian Church in 1925 and was very active, but something still seemed to be missing from his life.”… He went to America to go to college. “There he met Oliver Wayman, a fellow student and a Church member. Ho Jik was impressed by Brother Wayman’s clean lifestyle—he didn’t smoke, drink, or do other bad things. When Oliver gave him a copy of The Articles of Faith by James E. Talmage, Ho Jik read it within a week and eagerly asked for more information. Soon he had finished the Book of Mormon, too, and believed it to be the word of God. He started attending Church meetings with Oliver.” Eventually Ho Jik joined the church.  “Kim Ho Jik helped the church become established in South Korea, housed missionaries, translated the Articles of Faith in Korean,  the sacrament prayers, hymns, and other Church materials into Korean. His example led many to investigate the Church.” We can choose the right like the Brother Wayman that was a good example to Kim Ho Jik and help others join the church.

English- Share personal experience of choosing the right from family records
I hope you have enjoyed our trip learning about others around the world that chose the right. I hope we will choose the right and I promise that blessings will come from doing so. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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  21. I will be using this idea next month when my class is helping with sharing time. I wanted to tell you about a fun incentive program my ward has begun using for our Primary kids. They are plastic tags, "brag tags" that have fun images on them to encourage participation in anything from saying prayers to learning the Articles of Faith. This program is so fun for kids and motivates them with a simple inexpensive reward they can keep and wear or show any day of the week. Several kids in my primary class have already earned tags for being reverent and for bringing their scriptures. I found them at I think your followers will love these for their primary kids also! Renee

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