Monday, January 16, 2012

Prophet Has Many Duties Sharing Time

Sharing time- Prophet duties- Credit to Mendy Stucki with

This was NOT my idea, but a good hidden one!

Materials needed:

  1. Cans of soup or food.(20)
  2. Tape
  3. A back pack and sack or pillowcase labeled “The prophet has many duties”
  4. Picture of the prophet 
  5. Pictures of the Apostles and First Presidency
  6. Copies of scriptures
  7. Another backpack labeled “I “Can” help the prophet”
Natalie posted these labels onto sugardoodle that go with the lesson. Thanks so much Natalie!!!!

We learned last week that the President or prophet of the Church is foreordained or called by God. This is our prophet President Thomas S. Monson. (show picture)

 The president of the Church has many responsibilities. We are going to find out today what the prophet President Monson actually does and how much he does for us and the church. I have a bag that I am going to use to help show us how difficult it is to be the prophet of our church. We are going to one can to represent each responsibility of President Monson. Have children help put the cans into the bag as you discuss what is written on each. We will try to get through as many responsibilities as we can.(Then have a child put the can into the backpack labeled “The prophet has many duties”

Labels for the cans (I attached a picture of President Monson on each can label.)

1.      He speaks Gods will on Church Organization, Church Doctrine and contemporary world matters. (how the church is run, the things that are taught to us in sacrament meeting, Sunday school)

    2. Holds all the" keys to the kingdom". Including Priesthood and sealing keys. Head of the Melchedidik priesthood

    3. All Temples and Temple building is under his direction.

    ·  Temples help accomplish one of the missions of the church which is to redeem the dead.

    4. He has responsibility for the welfare of the church.

    ·  Receives progress and problem reports (how church is doing throughout the world, missionaries are doing)

    Preserves order in the church. Everything is running the way the Lord wants.

    5. He is trustee-in-trust for the Corporation of the President. Leader of all financial affairs of church

    ·  A. Holds title to all properties of the church.

    6. He acts as Chairman of the Church Board of Education. BYU, seminary, institute

    7. He is responsible for the preparation and procedure of General Conference.

    8. The president Often addresses the public.

    ·  A. He attends funerals, firesides stake meetings, women‘s meetings, priesthood meetings.

    He speaks in General conference, and many, many other meetings...

    9. He dedicates temples and other church buildings.

    10. He ordains or calls and sets apart various Church officers.

    11. He teaches and preaches the gospel to all the world

    ·  A. Travels to many different countries to strengthen the gospel stakes.

    B. Greets the notables(kings, presidents) of the world that come to SLC.

    12. He writes quarterly articles for the Ensign

    ·  A. Everything that the prophet says is considered scripture and we should follow it!

    B. All talks have to be written out so that they can be translated and sent to the world.

    13. Meets once a week in the Temple with the apostles.

    14. Is responsible for Missionary callings. And the missionary movement. Has to approve each mission call.

    15. He fulfills the needs and welfare of those countries in crisis.

    ·  A. Example: He went to Honduras to see how he could help. Organized and Sent tons of food and supplies to help the needy.

    16. He is the President of the High priesthood.

    17. He is an architect. He Designs and oversees.

    ·  Example: Building of the new conference only has to look at this building to know it was inspired of God.

    18. He is an eternal husband , a father and grandfather

    19. His life exemplifies Christ.

    ·  A. He is a true disciple of Christ. His life reflects commitment, courage, moral excellence, knowledge, patience, humility, temperance, kindness, long-suffering, charity, love, faith and hope, and godliness.

    20. He testifies of Christ to all

    Show a Picture of The First Presidency

    (Child is hopefully struggling to hold up the weighted backpack) It is hard to hold up, huh?! The President of the Church has two counselors(Show picture of President Eyring and Pres. Uchtdorf) that help to "Bear him UP". Have two children come up and help bear up the " President".They are also prophets and give us direction for our lives too. He also has 12 apostles(have pictures on board and name/quiz a few) that he can delegate some responsibilities to. They also are prophets tell us things we need to be doing to better our lives(invite 12 more children to help hold the backpack up) And they in turn delegate responsibilities to other Priesthood leaders. (could invite more) Such as stake presidents, Bishops and Patriarchs and teachers. The Savior also helps the President of the Church and gives him strength! He is the cornerstone of our Church! He presides at the head! We too can also help the prophet President Monson with some of his duties.

     How "Can" we help the President of the Church?

     (Take another  backpack with ten cans inside it) How we can help the prophet?  How can each of you help shoulder some of the responsibility of the Prophet? (By saying I can!!)

    As the children say things to help the Prophet take a can out of the backpack!

    1. I can choose the right.
    2. I can sustain the prophet and listen to his teachings.
    3. I can pray for the prophet.
    4. I can be an example and missionary to my friends.
    5. I can help my Mom and Dad to magnify their callings.
    6. I can encourage my Mom and Dad to go to the temple.
    7. I can pay a full Tithing.
    8. I can attend church. And fulfill my priesthood responsibilities.
    9. I can live worthy to get married in the temple.
    10. I can get baptized and prepare to go on a mission.
    When we are doing what is right...It will help President Monson. I hope we will help, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.


    1. Hi I just found your blog. thanks so much for sharing your ideas. i am teaching the creation sharing time...i was wondering if there is anyway i could get those numbers 1-7 you have with the scripture and pictures on them. thanks!!

    2. Unfortunately the images I used are copyrighted from Primary Partners Mary Ross and Jennette Guymon-King and alothough I am allowed to show them on the internet, rights prohibit me from distributing the images to others. However I can give you these images that aren't as good, but you could write the scriptures on them
      These are the best free images I can come up with-
      Day 1 scripture- Genesis 1:3-5
      Day 2- Genesis 1:6-8
      Day 3- Genesis 1:9-13
      Day 4- Genesis 1:14-19
      Day 5- Genesis 1:20-23
      Day 6- Genesis 1:24-30
      Day 7- Genseis 2:1-3
      Sorry I am not more helpful! Good luck though!

    3. Oh and day seven of those pictures in not correct, so may have to come up with a different number image. :)

    4. Is there a pdf of the can labels? Am I missing it? I wuld love to do this.

    5. I am computer illiterate and can't figure out how to attach PDF files to my blog. I realize that the labels would be helpful and make things easier, I am so sorry!

    6. Can you email them to me?

    7. I emailed them to you! Don't laugh at the crazy computer document!! Good luck!

      1. May I also have a copy emailed to me. This looks fun!

    8. Could you email me the file with the can labels also. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

    9. Darcee thanks so much!! They worked out great!!

    10. Did you print out the labels on card stock or regular paper? I would also like the email Awesome idea.

    11. I would love it if you would e-mail a copy of the labels too.

    12. Thank you! I would love the labels as well...great idea!

    13. I would love the labels too! Thanks for all your work.

    14. Darcee,
      would you be able to email me TOO some of the labels? haha Sorry if this is getting to be a little much. My email is:!

    15. Hopefully, I got you all!! I just printed them on paper and cut them to size to fit around the can and taped them. I may have added a small piece of white paper to completely cover the can. I used cream of mushroom cans and the small "I Can" cans are sliced olives. Good luck all!

    16. Hey gang, Natalie made some can labels that match my lesson and they are on under the week 2 bullet. They are WAY better than my dopey version, so there ya go!!!!!