Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baptism Preparation ST

TOTE Bag #1
I am getting ready to go on a trip and I think I have all the things I need, I have my…

Book to read-
Food- In case I get hungry
Clothes to wear-
Tickets- to I can get on the plane
Glasses- to see better in the sun
Towel- to dry myself off at the beach
Sunblock- to protect me from the sun
Water- in case I get thirsty
Cell phone- so I can talk to someone far away
Map or instructions- So I know where I am going and how to get there
Toothbrush and toothpaste to clean my mouth
Movie to watch on the plane in case I get bored
Calendar- to know what day it is on my trip
Journal- to record memories from my trip
(Make cell phone ring and say…)
Oh I am not just  going on a trip, I am going on a journey to remember the promises that I made to heavenly father when I was baptized.

Oh this suitcase isn’t going to work. I NEED A BIGGER ONE FOR A JOURNEY. I need different stuff now too. Oooh I need to hurry, will you guys help me find what I need for my journey to help me remember the promises we make when we are baptized? SR- to help me remember the promises we made when we were baptized?


Ensign- Reading good books and filling our minds with good things will help us keep our baptismal covenants.
Scriptures with scripture- Feast upon the words of Christ (goes with “Food”) the scriptures will definitely help us not be spiritually hungry
Modest clothes- (Goes with clothes) We promise to wear clothing that prepares us to go to the temple.
White clothes
Parents and teachers picture- They help us see what we need to do to get back to Heavenly Father and help remind us of the promises we make
White towel-  I want to be wrapped in the warmth of the Holy ghost
Water- Baptized by immersion
Prayer picture- We need to talk to Heavenly Father through prayer. We can’t talk to him on the cell phone
Sacrament cup- We need to take the sacrament each week and remind us to remember Jesus Christ and we promise to keep his commandments.
Plan of Salvation – This is a map of our lives before we came to earth and after
Good words- We need to keep our mouths spiritually clean just like the toothbrush and toothpaste keeps our mouths clean.
Ticket- Can we buy a ticket to our baptism and if we have had our baptism already do we have a reserved seat in the Celestial kingdom? Be cool but it doesn’t work that way.
Movie- We need to watch good programs to help us
Calendar with Sunday crossed off- We need to keep the Sabbath Day(Sunday) holy by doing things that bring the spirit.
Tithing slip with money- I need to pay one tenth of what I earn to
Heart- I promise to love the Lord
Missionary tag- I promise to be a missionary and teach the gospel to all.

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