Thursday, February 17, 2011

Samuel the Lamanite Interview ST

Interview with Samuel the Lamanite Credit to Jennifer Averett
Reporter: We take you now to a different time.  We’re here just outside the walls of Zarahemla.  Approaching us is a very unique and interesting man.  Let’s see if we can speak with him.
Sir!  Oh Sir!  Good afternoon sir. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions for the people watching out there?
Samuel: Why no.  Not at all.  In fact, I’ll take advantage of any opportunity to speak to the people.
Reporter: You appear to be a lamanite - is that true?
Samuel: Yes.
Reporter: Well, why would a lamanite come to a nephite city?
Samuel: I was preaching the word of God.
Reporter: Ah, yes.  That was quite a speech you gave up on the wall just a while ago.  You spoke like you had authority to be there.  Who gave you the authority to speak that way and wouldn’t it be better to just go among the people and speak to them in small groups?
Samuel: Well, actually, I did try that first.  I was told by God to call the Nephite people to repentance.  I spent several days preaching here but was not well received.  I became discouraged and figured that no one would repent, so I actually left Zarahemla and was on my way home when the voice of God came to me again and told me to return.
Reporter: So you felt you had more preaching to do?
Samuel: Yes, the instructions from God were very clear.
Reporter: But was it really necessary to climb upon the wall?
Samuel: Well, I was about to tell you that I came to the city gates and was not allowed into the city again.  So, that’s when it occurred to me that I could climb the wall and that I would then have everyone’s attention.
Reporter: Yah, I’ll say you had their attention.  It seems rather miraculous that none of their arrows or stones hit you.  I mean it looked like they were out to kill you!
Samuel: That was not a concern to me.  I knew the Lord had commanded me to speak those words and I didn’t doubt that he would protect me until I accomplished his commandment.  And as it turns out, many people did repent and went to Nephi to confess their sins.  In fact, when the people saw that they couldn’t harm me, many came to the realization that the Lord was protecting me and they also believed my words and repented.
Reporter: Again, I have to say that I am surprised that you had such success.  That was some amazing information you gave out there - I mean, this stuff about Jesus being born in 5 years and all the signs of his birth and death.  Nights that appear as days, days that appear as nights?  Horrible destruction?  Do you really expect the people to believe all that?
Samuel: Of course I do.  I do because it is absolutely true.  I’m very sure of the truthfulness of all the words I spoke, for I received them by the power of revelation.  Repentance is necessary and no one will want to be found with sin in the day that the Lord comes to this land.  I know He will come just as I have spoken.
Reporter: You speak those words with such power that I can’t help but believe you.  So, now what will you do?
Samuel: I will return to my own people and continue to preach to them - exhorting them to continue in righteousness - and I say the same to all within the sound of my voice.
Reporter: You are a great man indeed.  I wish you the best and thank you for your time.
This has been Sister Pergler, reporting live for KLDS.  And now, back to you in the primary room.

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