Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daniel and Lions Drama Theatre

There was a king named Darius who had made Daniel one of his greatest servants. Now the other servants of the king were jealous of Daniel and they tried to find something against him so they could become greater than him.
These wicked servants asked the king to make a law that no one would pray to anyone except the king himself. They said if a person prayed to anyone but the king himself, then that person would be thrown into the den of lions. To please these wicked men, the king made the law.
Then these wicked servants told the king that every day Daniel was praying to the God in Heaven. The king loved Daniel and was very sad when the servants told him this, because he wanted to save Daniel from the lions' den. But the king knew that he made the law and in those days the law had to be obeyed. (Daniel 6:14-16)
The king told Daniel that he was sorry but he hoped that Daniel's God, the God in Heaven, would save him. So Daniel was cast into the lions' den. The king was troubled all night and got up early in the morning and went to the lions' den and there he found Daniel alive. The king called to Daniel and he told the king that God had sent an angel and closed the lions' mouths. The king was so happy that God had saved Daniel. Then the king sent for the wicked servants and they were cast into the lions' den because they tried to trick the king. So, the king now knew there was only one God that we should pray to and worship, the God in Heaven. The king told all the people in his kingdom that they must honor the God of Daniel.

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