Friday, February 18, 2011

Service Garden Sharing time

SHARING TIME- As I serve others, I serve Jesus Christ and show my love for Him.

The prophet said to plant a garden and that that is what we’ll do today. What’s a garden? A garden is a place where you grow vegetables and some fruits to eat. It takes a lot of work and sometimes is difficult to create a garden with lots of healthy vegetables. But we are going to plant a different kind of garden today. A service garden. What is service? We have learned about service this month. My class is going to help us remember the meaning of the word. I have my gardeners that are going to help! When we serve we can work with our hands to help someone that needs something done that they may not be able to do all by themselves or could be done faster with help. There are lots of things we can do with our hands for someone else? Help mom in the kitchen, help do chores for someone, help carry things for someone. Sometimes we need tools or things that can help get the job done quicker or better like these shovels to help Ryan plant seeds or help Jacob keep the bad weeds out of our garden. Tools to serve could be a book that you are going to read your younger brother, a duster to dust the house so mom doesn’t have to do it. Sometimes we are simply the tools by using tools of our body to listen to someone’s problems, to smile at someone who is sad or give a hug. Will a real garden grow if we don’t care for it? No, the garden needs water and someone to look after it, the garden needs Heavenly Father’s help getting enough sun and rain. We grow spiritually every time we help someone. So we are going to plant a service garden and discover ways that we can serve others at home, school, church, neighborhood or anywhere!
Would you agree that this seed is a small and pretty simple thing? These are actual pictures to show you how small the seeds are compared to a penny Isn’t it amazing that a small thing like this seed can grow into something like a watermelon? We can do small and simple things for other people and make a big difference in someone’s life. Scripture: Alma 37:6- By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.
We have a bunch of small service seeds that need planting. Reverent children will help be gardeners and help plant some service seeds. There is a story on the back of each seed that we will need to discover how to best serve or help. We will plant as many service seeds as we have time.
Have the children pick from the seed bags and answer the questions. Have them put the seed into the pots to grow. If children did not get to pick a seed, give the children a blank seed to put in the pot. (Have the class water the pots)

After seeds are planted and cared for, we look at our garden and we are happy with how it has turned out. We know that we have worked hard and it has grown so much. When we serve, we also grow spiritually and Heavenly Father and Jesus are happy with how hard we have worked helping people. I hope we will plant many service seeds this week, in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Katie is sitting in primary and notices a new girl comes into the room and sits down in her class. What could she do to plant a service seed?
Billy’s younger brother Sam wants to play with Billy’s new toy he got for his birthday. How can Billy plant a service seed?
You come to play at the park and there is garbage on the ground. How could you plant a service seed?
Your school teacher is teaching a math lesson and some of the children are being noisy. How could you plant a service seed?
You mother has had a long day and seems tired. How could you plant a service seed?
Your friend Zach seems sad today in Primary. What could you do to help?
Your little sister is having trouble putting together a puzzle and seems frustrated. What could you do?
Your dad asks you to clean up your room before dinner. How can you plant a service seed?
You read or hear about a neighborhood that was flooded by a hurricane. How can you help plant a service seed?
The school is doing a canned food drive to help give food to those that don’t have much to eat. What could you do to help?
You see a car on the side of the road with a flat tire. How can your family plant a service seed.
Mom is talking on the phone to someone and your baby brother is crying. How could you serve mom?
You and Tommy are really excited to eat a piece of cake, but there is only one piece left between the two of you. How can you plant a service seed?

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  1. OK so you are amazing, seriously. I just got called to be the Primary President in my ward. It is a bit overwhelming to think I need to keep the children's different ages.(among other things) Your site is so very helpful in that aspect. i feel like I can do it :) Thank you for sharing your talents. May you be blessed for doing so. Melissa