Thursday, February 17, 2011

Choose the Right ST

Sharing time- Choosing the Right and following Jesus will help me return to Heavenly Father


The theme for the week is Choosing the right and following Jesus will help me return to Heavenly Father.

We are first going to talk about some of the things we need to be doing in order to return to our heavenly father and if we all do a good job, we will play a round or two of Choose the right bingo.

We are going to do the choice challenge!! I am going to have one of you draw a letter from this bag. Then as a group we are going to fill as much of this sheet with good choices that start with that chosen letter. So if I chose the letter P, I would think of all the good choices that start with the letter P and then raise my hand when I have a good answer that we can write on our sheet! P- Pray daily, pass the sacrament, play nice, practice the piano, pick good friends, please and thank you’s, practice your articles, peace in homes, etc.

A-     ask for things before taking them, aim for high standards, abide with jesus, accept the gospel, achieve the faith in god award, act with kindness, active in church callings, admit when wrong, advise others to keep word of wisdom, allow others a turn, always be nice, attend church meetings, appropriate clothing, ask before taking, ask questions in primary, attend stake and general conference,

B-      bring your book of mormon to primary, be kind to others, bear others burdens, better yourselves, bible reading, body clean, brotherly kindness, build others up, be friendly, become worthy to enter temple, be clean, bear testimony, bike ride with family,

C-      choose the right in all doings, call a friend, callings, calm someone down, care for the sick, carry someones things, challenge others to go to church, check your thoughts, cheer for someone, choir, class attendance, clean, close your eyes during prayer, clothing modest, comfort others, commandment keeper, complete the faith in god requirements, compliment others, comprimise, consider others feelings, cook with mom, cooperate with others, convert someone,

D-      do what is right, do your homework, daily prayer, dance to good music, date when 16, deal honestly with others, decide wisely, delight in serving the lord, deposit money in your mission fund, desire to help others, develop talents, daily scripture study, diligent in keeping the sabbath day holy, discover new things, drink good drinks, dress modestly, dust the house for mom,

E-       early riser, earn faith in god, eat good food, educate yourself, elect good friends, embrace your family, empathize with someone, encourage others to choose the right, enlarge your testimony, enjoy life, enter the chapel with reverence, entertain yourself with good things, environment clean, escort someone new to their class, establish peace in home, exchange a smile to a friend, exercise, experience new things, express love, extend a helping hand, explore new things, eye single to god, example

F-       find something for someone, fair, faith in jesus, faithful in callings, family help, fast on Sunday, favor good over evil, feel for other people, fellowship at church, feed the dog, fix something, flee from evil, focus at church, follow the prophet, friendly, full of enthusiasm, funny, further your education, family prayer, fruits and veggies, food storage

G-      go to church, go to primary, get a gift for someone, gain a testimony, games fairly, gather as a family, grow a garden, generous with others, giggle at good jokes, glorify in god, glow, good thoughts, grateful for what you have, greet at church, guide others, go on mission

H-      hi to people, happy face, help mom clean, hair neat and clean, hear good music, harmony with spirit, healthy, helpful to siblings, high expectations, hint about the gospel to friends, hold the priesthood, homes clean, honor mom and dad, honest, hope for the best, housework, hum a hymn, humble, hurry when asked, hush in the chapel,

I-        i am a child of god, ideas nice, imitate the lord, impact others, important to read scriptures, improve yourself, impress god, individual worth, imform others about the gospel, inherit celestial glory, innocent in all doings, inspire others, instruct about the gospel, integrity, intelligence, introduce people to church, invent something, involve people to be friends,

J-        join choir, journal writing, jokes appropriate, joyful in all, judge fairly, just in all you do, just be good, joy in serving the lord, join a club at school,

K-      keep commandments, keep sabbath day holy, keep mind and body clean, keen eye to the lord, keep house clean, keys of the priesthood, kindness, knee bows to god, know the church is true, knowledge of things you believe in, knock unto christ,

L-       listen to spirit, learn things, labor with all your might, learn a language, lasting faith, laugh at appropriate jokes, lean on christ, lecture others about the church, lend something like a book to a friend, let others have a turn, lift up others spiritually, light of christ, like people, listen in primary, live worthy to go to temple, loathe sin, look to jesus in all doings, love others,

M-    make dinner for parents, meet as a family for prayer, magazines that are appropriate, maintain your standards, magnify your callings, manage time wisely, manners, marry in temple, meek and mild, meet with bishop, make memories, mend someones heart, mention the gospel, merry in all, merciful to others, mighty in callings, model spiritual things, momey for tithing, modd happy, morals good, movies appropriate, mow the lawn, musical talents,

N-      nature friendly, near to god, nice to people, noble, notice new people, nutritious diet, nurture the sick, not smoke, not do drugs,

O-      open doors for elderly, obey, obtain a testimony, offer to help, offer to say prayer, obey officers, oranges, order in home, organize fhe, outdoors, outstanding in service, overlook faults in people, overcome trials, own a bom, open a jar for brother

P-       please and thank you, pray, pick good friends, play fair, parents obey them, pass the sacrament, passion for the savior, pattern life after savior, peaceable, perfect, pennys for tithing, pay tithing, permit other to go first, pet sit, phone a friend, pay attention in primary, place god first in life, plant a garden, pleasant, point yourself to the temple, ponder the scriptures, positive attitude, posture, practice piano, praise others, participate in primary, prepare talk, primary attendance, promote gospel, proud of what you believe in,

Q-      quick to do right, qualify for temple recommend, quarters for tithing, quiet in primary, quote scriptures to friends, quiet in chapel, quick to obey commandments,

R-      read scriptures, reach your goals, realize potential, reason not fight with others, receive the holy ghost, recommend holder, refer others to gospel, reflect the lord, refrain from sin, reject satan, religious, rely on lord, remain in church, remember commandments, repair something, respect elders, renew covenants each week, repeat articles, reply nicely, resist sin, responsible, retire early to bed, return back to god, righteous doings,

S-       say prayers, scriptures reading, sacrifice, sacrament each week, save someone, sanctify yourself, say kind words, smell nice, search the bom, see the good in people, send letters to missionaries, serve lord, smile, settle differences peacefully, share, shine with light of christ, shower, show others the way, silent during sacrament passing, simplify life, stimulate mind, skin clean, sleep, say sorry, speak kindly, squeeze mom!, stake conference, standards, stay close to lord, start what you finish, strong testimony, study, subscribe to friend, suggest friend to come to church, support others, surprise someone, set table, sing in primary

T-      testimony, teach others gospel, time manage, take christ name upon you, talk about church, talk about good things, temple attendance, taste good food, team player, telephone a friend, tell truth, test your faith, think about jesus during sacrament, tie for boys at church, together with family, tolerate others, trade a toy with sister, train children, treat others kindly, travel to other places, treasure your life, trust, try to be like jesus,

U-      use kind words, understand that you are children of god, understand the gospel,

V-      vacuum the floor, valid temple recommend, value your life, value others, valiant in all, view good shows, vitamins, vote, vow to keep commandments, volunteer for service, visit the sick, voice opinions nicely, versitile, vegetables, verify your beliefs to others

W-    watch good shows, work hard, wait your turn, wake early, wants less than needs, walk next to god., warm others with kindness, warn others of danger, wardrobe modest, waste not, wash clothes, watch thoughts, wear best to church, white in temple, willing to serve, wise, wish for appropriate things, watch for savior coming, witness of spirit, write to missionaries,

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