Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baptism Tic Tac Toe ST

Here are the questions that I used in the tic-tac-toe game. Really they are not difficult to think of when you stop and think about it. They are very simple, with answers that every primary child should know. You want the children to have success and not be stumped by questions that are really complicated or difficult. I made up a list for Jr and one for Sr. But you can choose from one list also. You would be surprised how many of our Jr primary could answer some of the Sr. questions.
1. How old are you when you are baptized? 2. What color do you wear when you are baptized?
3. What special gift from Heavenly Father do you receive after you are baptized?
4. Who are we to think of when we take the sacrament?
5. Who passes the sacrament to us during sacrament meeting?
6. Who blesses the sacrament in sacrament meeting?
7. Who baptized Jesus?
8. Who interviews you before you are baptized?
9. The Holy Ghost came to Jesus in the form of a ________ when he was baptized.
10. Name a commandment that we promise to follow when we are baptized.
11. Name the temple closest to our homes.
12. Where do we go to be married "for time and all eternity"?
13. What do we call people to preach the gospel?
14. Name a way we can serve our Heavenly Father.
15. What does the sacrament bread represent?
16. What does the sacrament water represent?
17. Who can whisper to you with a "still small voice"?
18. What is a covenant?
19. Who do we make covenants with?
 20. What does it mean to be "sealed" to our families forever?
21. What book of scripture are the sacrament prayers found in?
22. Who baptized Joseph Smith?
23. What is the name of the river that Jesus was baptized in?
24. Repeat the 4th Article of Faith.
25. The gathering of the names of our ancestors is called ______________.
26. Name something you need to do in order to truly repent.
27. Name something you can do to prepare to be baptized.
28. Name something you can do now to prepare to go to the temple someday.
29. We can renew our baptismal covenants every week by partaking of the _______.
30. Who's example are we following when we are baptized?
30 questions are enough to get 3-4 good games of tic-tac-toe in.

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