Thursday, February 17, 2011

Child of God JR ST

Sharing time- Theme for month- I Am A Child Of God
Theme for week: I came to earth to receive a body and be tested.
We are going to spend some time today talking about he bodies that Heavenly Father gave us. We have learned all about Heavenly Father’s plan this month. In fact, we are learning all about this plan this entire year. We have discussed that we lived with our Heavenly Father in Heaven before we were born. Then we came to earth for to very important reasons: To receive our bodies and be tested. We were given a body just like our Heavenly Father’s body. I have a mirror and I would like everyone to pass it around and tell me one part of their body that they see. (Mention that Heavenly Father has two eyes, two legs, two feet, two ears, a nose, etc.) Look at your neighbor. Are your features exactly like theirs? No, our bodies are not exactly the same in shape and size, but we do have the same general features. It would be a boring world if we all looked identical!!!

This is Peter Priesthood and he wanted to come to Primary today to help us understand our bodies better! Say hi to our friend, Peter!!! Peter has two arms, two legs, two hands and he is wearing a crown on his head. That is because he knows that he is of royal birth. He knows that if he is righteous and passes his test on earth, he will be able to be a king in heaven and live with Heavenly Father again. Girls will be able to be queens and live with Him too.
We are going to play a matching game with the help of this flip chart. You will, if reverent be able to pick a body part on the flip chart like the feet, for instance. Then you will try to pick out a card from the bag that matches the body part you were searching for! If it is a match, place the card on or near the body part of Peter Priesthood. If it doesn’t match, then put it back in the bag and another person gets to choose a body part from the flip chart and try to make a match. (Read each card with every turn and ask a question relating to the card)
Example: Child: “ I pick the body part of hands. “Then child will pick a card from bag and it is a match. “ I will shake hands and happily make new friends”  Teacher: “What makes a good friend?” Put the card next to Peter Priesthood’s hand. Pick another reverent child to continue the game.

Sample questions:  What talent do you have?
When have you shared your testimony?
What do you like to learn in school?
Why do we need to obey our parents?
What does it mean to be reverent?
Name a blessing you are grateful for?
What can you to make someone smile?
What is the Word of wisdom?
Who tempts you to do something wrong?
What is repentance?
Name a commandment that you should follow?
Name a part of Heavenly Father’s plan?
Name our Prophet and his two counselors?
How do we keep the gift of the Holy Ghost?
Why is it important to tell the truth?

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