Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jesus was Baptized ST

Sharing Time- Jesus was Baptized

Jesus set the example of each of us when he was baptized by John the Baptist in the river Jordan. Jesus was 30 years old and he asked John the Baptist to baptize him because the Lord had given him the Priesthood authority to baptize. Remember that John the baptist was born a few months earlier than Jesus and Mary, the mother or Jesus and Elisabeth, John’s mother were relatives. In Mark 1: 9-11 we read about the baptism of Jesus. Read 9, 10, 11. He was baptized just like we are, immersed or covered with water. The heavens opened and the Holy ghost descended like a dove. Heavenly Father’s voice from Heaven is heard, This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. He was perfect and didn’t need to be baptized but did so to show us that all men need to be baptized to return to the kingdom of heaven.


JR Primary Baptism Questions

1.    Jesus was baptized by this person?
2.    Jesus was baptized in this river?
3.    How old must we be to be baptized?
4.    What does immersion mean?
5.    What color do you need to wear for baptism?
6.    Who can baptize you?
7.    What gift do we get from heavenly Father when we are baptized?
8.    What is a covenant to heavenly father?
9.    Why was Jesus baptized?
10.           Where are people baptized?
11.           How will you feel when you are baptized?
12.           How do we prepare for our baptism?
13.           Why do we take the sacrament each week?
14.            When Jesus was baptized, he was completely covered by            this?
15.           Why was Jesus baptized?
16.            Name someone you  know  that has been baptized?
17.           What does it mean if you are baptized?


1.    Jesus Christ was baptized by this person?
2.    Jesus was baptized in this river?
3.    When Jesus was baptized, he was completely covered by this?
4.    After Jesus was baptized he heard the voice of this person?
5.    What age can you be baptized?
6.    What color do you wear when you are baptized?
7.    What does immersion mean?
8.    What does covenant mean?
9.    Who can baptize you?
10.           What is the prayer that is said when you are baptized?
11.           Why was Jesus Baptized?
12.            What is the scripture St. Mark 1:9-11 referring to?
13.           What do we promise Heavenly Father when we are baptized?
14.           If baptized already, tell us how you felt when you were               baptized?
15.           How can you prepare someone for baptism?
16.           What did Heavenly Father say to Jesus after His baptism?

JR Primary-
I would like you to start now to prepare for your baptism, even if you are only three years old so you can be baptized just as Jesus was. You need to learn as much about the church so you can have a testimony or believe in it before you become a member. It is the first step to make it back to live with Heavenly Father. Here is a chart for when you get down to the days before that day comes so you can be ready. There is also a sheet to help you know what is going to happen when that day comes. I would like you to take these two sheets home and read it with your family tonight or tomorrow for family home evening. There is also a fun activity to do as well.

SR Primary
I would like you to choose someone that is under the age of 8 either in our primary or someone in nursery or a younger sibling. I would like you to be a mentor  or Baptism Buddy to that child and help them get ready for that special day. When they get close to 8, there is a countdown sheet that you can use to help them prepare. The items on this countdown sheet are things that you don’t have to wait until the final days to do. You can help remind them to say their prayers every morning and night, to give hugs and tell each family why they are important, teach them about saving money for tithing, and so on. You now have experience and can share your knowledge on baptism with them so they are ready.

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