Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prophets Sharing time

God Speaks Through Living Prophets Sharing Time/Singing time combo

We are going to spin this wheel(could make out of posterboard-
or this is also an option:
Wheel can be drawn on a chalkboard and the spinner is magnetic and can be found at a teacher supply store. or online  It is a pretty versatile product and can be incorporated in a variety of Sharing Time games

to find out more about what a prophet does and why President Monson is the prophet of our church today. We are trying to spell the word prophets by landing on the letters on the wheel. Each letter, we will discover something that the prophet does that starts with that letter.

Some spaces we may land on are called precious President Monson moments. We will get a chance to learn some facts about out beloved President Monson.
President Monson Moments from
Some spaces on the wheel(blue ones) will have us sing a song about prophets. "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet", "Stand for the Right" (CS, 159), "Latter Day Prophets", (CS, 134)
P: President- He's the president of our church- President Thomas S. Monson. proclaims the gospel, protects us from sin, preaches repentence
R: Relevator- He reveals and shows us commandments from the Lord, reads messages from Heavenly Father
O: Obedient- He is obedient to Heavenly Father. President Monson shared in the April 2013 General Conference that he learned a lasting obedience lesson as a boy when he disobeyed and lit a match to an open field causing great damage. Pres. Monson said, "Obedience is a hallmark of prophets; it has provided strength and knowledge to them throughout the ages. It is essential for us to realize that we, as well, are entitled to this source of strength and knowledge. It is readily available to each of us today as we obey God’s commandments." He is ordained of God, He is called a prophet by God himself.
P: Prophecies- things that will come like Noah- (the end of the world if they didn't repent) or things that haven't happened yet. The prophet is a preacher of Righteousness. He calls men to repentence and declares his message courageously.
H: Holder of the Priesthood- He holds all the keys of the priesthood. he is happy in serving Jesus, has counselors to help him carry out various duties. A prophet is human, just like you and me. He has eyes and ears as we do. Arms that give hugs, a body that likes hugs. He has emotions just like you. He can be happy, sad, confused... He was once a child just like you and I. The prophet Helps how the church is run(Primary, Relief Society, etc.)
E: Example- President Monson is an example to me of how to live my life. He is an example to other countries that he visits. Exactly how the Lord wants him to be in every aspect of his life.
T: Testifies- He tells his testimony of Jesus all around the world. He teaches people what we need to do in order to be like Jesus. teaches us the character of God. He translates messages from the Lord so we can understand them.
S: Seer-(from A seer is like spiritual eyeglasses. As a seer, our prophet can see what we can not see with our natural eyes As a seer, he can also have the power to translate ancient records. And see things both past and future with more clarity and brightnessso that we can interprets god's plan and warn us of things to come. The prophet speaks about scriptures. He declares the meaning of what we read with our families. His teachings are like scripture. His words and writings become scripture when he speaks under the influence of the Holy Ghost. The prophet stands by what he believes in, even unto death.
Close with last minute and half of the video, "On the Lord's Errand"- The Life of Thomas S. Monson. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 2008
I have a testimony that President Monson really is a prophet just like we had in the days of old. In the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.


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