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The Choice is Right ST

Sharing time- The Choice is Right

Lesson on theme: I Follow Heavenly Father’s Plan When I Choose the Right

What does this shield mean? Who has a CTR ring? Who doesn’t have one? You may be able to get one during this lesson if you don’t have one. For those of you that do have a ring, what does the CTR stand for? Choose the right! It means that when you are faced with something at home, school or anywhere, you decide to do what Jesus would do in that case. We need to ask a very important question when we do anything. Would Jesus Do this? Or What would Jesus do in this case. You are all lucky because you have been taught in Primary to always do the right thing. Not all children have been taught this important lesson. So we make choices everyday about the things we do. Some choices are not as important as others. What we decide to have for breakfast isn’t as important as deciding if we are going to smoke a cigeratte. Before we came to this earth we made a choice. In fact, we are all on this earth because we chose the right. We chose to follow Heavenly Father’s plan instead of Lucifer’s or as we know him now Satan’s plan. Heavenly Father prepared a plan to help us become like him and gave us agency, which is the ability to choose and act for ourselves. Satan wanted to take away our agency and force us to act a certain way. Those that chose the wrong and followed Lucifer didn’t get to come to earth, were denied bodies and don’t get to live with Heavenly Father again. They were cast out. Even though Satan and his followers didn’t receive bodies, they are allowed to tempt us to sin and help us choose the wrong.

We need to always be on guard and make sure that we choose the right and help Heavenly Father’s children also choose the right because Satan wants us to be miserable like he is. Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to be happy and by choosing the right we will be. Jesus came to this earth and chose the right in everything he did. He chose the right when he taught the gospel to people, was baptized even though he was perfect and when he gave that perfect life for us so that Heavenly Father’s plan would work. Sometimes it easy to choose the right and sometimes it is hard. The commandment of not killing is easier to keep than not lying. Tell me a way that we can choose the right, (use beanbag) We need to keep the word or wisdom ( or not harming our bodies), obey our parents and teachers, be kind to all, keep the gospel standards like dressing modestly, speaking nice words, be honest or tell the truth, keep our promises, keep the Sabbath day holy, pay our tithing, listen to uplifting music and read good books, and prepare ourselves to go to the temple or in other words, keep the gospel standards

Now that you have learned how important it is to choose the right we are going to play a game. It is taken from a popular game show and I thought we could change it a bit. We will play the Choice is Right. Reverent children will have the opportunity to be contestants and win fabulous prizes! They aren’t that fabulous but there still are prizes! I have a punch board that has questions about choosing the right, some from the lesson and some from past lessons. The blue side are easier questions and the white side are harder questions. The senior primary must punch on the white side. I will read the question and if you choose the right answer (JR primary may use a teacher’s help) you will get a small prize that may be enjoyed after Primary.


Situation: Your mother asks you to make your bed before you go out to play. Your friends are waiting at the door. How should you choose the right in this story.

Situation: Your friends at school start calling a boy in your class a bad name. What could you do to choose the right?

What does CTR stand for?

Name a time when you helped someone choose the right and how did it make you feel?

Name a way that Jesus chose the right?

Situation: James loved cookies and he ate the cookie quickly that his mother left for him. James also ate his brother’s cookie. When James’s brother came home, he saw that there was no cookie for him. He thought his mother had forgotten to leave him a cookie and he was very sad. James felt bad because he had eaten his brother’s cookie. Did James choose the right and what should James do now?

Situation: Katie was playing with her friend in the living room and knocked over a pretty vase and broke it. Her friend tells her to hide the vase so no one will know it was her that broke it. What should Katie do to choose the right?

Who is trying to tempt us to do things wrong?

Situation: Your sister asked you to help her with her homework, but you want to go play instead. What should you do to choose the right?

Situation: You have been earning money to buy a ball by doing extra chores for your parents. The store has the ball on sale, but you still won’t have enough money unless you borrow from your tithing. What should you do to choose the right?

When you have to make a choice, what question should you ask yourself?

Situation: You are with some friends and some of them want you to take a drink of alcohol that one of them brought from home. Your parents have taught you that drinking alcohol is wrong. How should you choose the right?

What does it mean to be an honest person?

What can you do if you feel evil or Satan around?

Who suffered for all of our sins or wrong doings?


What is the word of wisdom and does it help us choose the right?

Name a Book of Mormon prophet that chose the right?

Name someone that has taught you to make good choices?

What happened to the people that chose the wrong in heaven before the world was?

Name a primary song or Hymn that has a message of choosing the right?

Name a gospel standard that you need to live by?

Paying our tithing is a way of choosing the right. How much tithing should you give the Lord?

Name someone in the Book of Mormon that chose the wrong?

What is one thing are you going to do this week to choose the right?

Situation: Your best friend invites you to a movie on Sunday. You have wanted to see that movie for a long time. How should you choose the right?

Why should we be careful about the things we watch, listen and read?

Name a way that you can choose the right in keeping the Sabbath day holy?

What happens if you choose the wrong?

What is agency mean?

Who has Heavenly Father given us as a gift to help us to make good choices?

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