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Mother's Day/Stripling Warrior ST

Sharing Time- Righteous examples found in the scriptures- I Can be Faithful like the Stripling Warriors- Credit:

Interviewer: This is Sister Pergler, your "People in the News"
reporter, coming to you live and direct from the land of Zarahemla.
With us today we have the distinguished Nephite leader, Helaman, and
two of his young warriors. We are here to talk with them about their
amazing victories in the continuing war with the Lamanites.
(Interviewer turns to Helaman and warriors.) Helaman, we are happy
to have you and your warriors with us today.

Helaman: We are happy to be here.

Interviewer: (to Warriors) You are called Helaman's stripling
warriors. What does "stripling" mean?

Warrior #1: It means that we are boys just coming into manhood.
Interviewer: (to Warriors) You are very young. Why are you fighting,
instead of your fathers?

Warrior #2: Our fathers were Lamanites who were converted by Ammon
and the sons of Mosiah. They had no more desire to kill their
brothers, so they made a covenant with the Lord that rather than
shed the blood of their brothers, they would give up their lives.
They buried their weapons of war so that they would never take them
up again. Many of our people were killed by the Lamanites, so the
Lord told- Ammon to bring 'us to the land of Zarahemla. We have been
protected by the Nephites for many years.

Warrior #1: Our fathers saw all the suffering of the Nephites to
protect us, and they were about to break their covenant with the
Lord. Helaman feared that our fathers would lose their souls, if
they took up their arms again. We, the sons of the people of Ammon,
had not entered into the covenant so we gathered together and
entered into a covenant to fight for the liberty of the Nephites. We
covenanted that we would never give up our liberty," even if we had
to lay down our lives.

Interviewer: (to Warriors) How many of the sons of the people of
Ammon are warriors? –

Warrior #2: We number 2,000. We became a great strength and support
to the Nephites. We asked Helaman to be our leader.

Interviewer: (to Warriors) Why did you ask Helaman to be your leader?

Warrior #1: Because he cared for our fathers and would not let them
break their covenant with the Lord. We wanted to fight with him to
help our brothers, the Nephites. Helaman is a righteous leader and
we knew that with him, we could put our trust in the Lord.

Interviewer: (to Helaman) That is quite a lot of faith that these
warriors have put in you, Helaman. Please- tell us a little about

Helaman: I am the oldest son of Alma the younger. My father was
converted by an angel of the Lord, and he became a great missionary
and church leader. In time, my father gave me the sacred records and
commanded me to keep the records. I am a high priest, and I have
spent much time preaching the gospel and bringing order to the

Interviewer: (to Helaman) Helaman, why would you want to lead a
group of young men and not an army of strong adults?

Helaman: I was honored to lead this band of young warriors. I knew
that they were all valiant, courageous, strong, and true to whatever
they were entrusted. They had been taught to keep the commandments
of God and were righteous young men. I knew that they were very
special and that God would bless them.

Interviewer: (to Helaman) You call these warriors your sons. Why?

Helaman: They are worthy to be called sons. I am proud of them and
all that they stand for. They are all very young and I feel like a
father to them.

Interviewer: (to Warriors) How did the leaders of the Nephite armies
feel about you joining them?

Warrior #2: The army of Antipus had lost many men who were killed by
the Lamanites. So, Antipus rejoiced that we were able to strengthen
his army. The Nephite soldiers were sad and depressed at that time,
and we gave them new hope and joy.

Interviewer: (to Warriors) You left your families to fight for them
and the Nephites. What did your families do to help and support you
as you served in the army?
Warrior #1: They sent food and supplies to us and the Nephite
armies. They also prayed for us that we would be protected. ,

Interviewer: (to Helaman) When it was time to fight against the
Lamanites for the first time, how did your warriors act? Were they

Helaman: Never had I seen so great courage and they said to
me, "Father, behold our God is with us, and he will not suffer that
we should fall . . . let us go forth. We would not slay our brethren
if they would let us alone."

Interviewer: (to Warriors) You had never fought before, but you did
not fear death. Why?

Warrior #2: Our mothers had taught us that if we did not doubt God
and have faith, God would deliver us. We believed our mothers and
we put our faith in God.

Interviewer: (to Helaman) Helaman, after your first battle with the
Lamanites, how many warriors did you lose?

Helaman: I was afraid that many had been killed, but when I counted,
I found that not one had been killed. I was very happy. They had
fought with the strength of God. Their strength frightened the
Lamanites who were not killed, and the Lamanites gave up their
weapons and were taken as prisoners.

Interviewer: (to Warriors) After that battle, did the Lamanites
leave you alone so that you could go home?

Warrior #1: No, we still had problems with the Lamanites and after a
while the king of the Lamanites strengthened his army and we had to
fight them again in a big battle.

Interviewer: (to Helaman) What happened when you fought this time,

Helaman: Our Nephite army was about to lose the battle, but my
little band fought courageously and the Lamanites fled. After the
battle, I gave the order to go and find all the wounded so that we
could take care of them. To my surprise, not one of my 2,000
warriors had died, but every one had many wounds. The whole Nephite
army was amazed that not one of my little band had died, while a
thousand Nephites had died. We know that they were saved because of
the power of God. Because of their great faith, God protected them
and gave them great strength.

Interviewer: Now you claim that you received much guidance from your mothers?  How important do you think it is for a child to have guidance from a mother?

Warrior #2: Our mothers taught us from the time we were little to
love god, to obey his commandments, and to put our faith and trust
in God, our Heavenly Father. If we had not listened to our mothers,
we would not have been strong and the Lord would not have protected
us. Many of us would have died, and we would not have been able to
help the Nephites and protect our families.

Warrior #1: You may not have to fight in a war like we did, but you
will have to fight against Satan, because he will try to make you do
evil. Listen to your mothers and the things they teach you, so that
you can be strong to choose the right.

Interviewer: If you could write a letter to your mother right now,
what would you say to her?

Warrior #2: I would say, "Dearest Mother, Thank you for teaching me
to love God and to have faith in Him. Thank you for all that you
have taught me. I love you, Mother."

Interviewer: (turn to Primary children) Thank you Helaman and warriors for being here today, good luck in the war against the Lamanites and thank our viewers for watching. Please tune in next time to “People in the News” good night!

"We'll Bring the World His Truth."

• Note: Interviewer will wear raincoat (overcoat) with a hat and
carry a microphone. Helaman and warriors will wear appropriate
costumes, including shields and swords.

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