Friday, February 18, 2011

Millenium ST

Sharing Time- Jesus Christ will come again

We are going to talk about today when Jesus returns to earth and what it will be like during that time. Close your eyes for a second and imagine what it will be like when Jesus comes to earth. Keep those thoughts and we will see if you are right on some things.
Now I want you to listen, You will use this information in a game later.

*Before Jesus went up to Heaven, he told his apostles that He would go back to our Heavenly Father until the time of his second coming. When Jesus returns to the earth, where will he will come to? (a temple) and he will bring what is called the Millenium. The Millenium is the 1000 year period when Jesus will rule the earth. This will be a time of peace and Satan will have no power. Evil won’t have power. Wouldn’t it be nice not to be tempted to something wrong.

*I need to know about this picture. What are the two animals? Lion and lamb. Those are really different animals. Tell me about a lion? (large, dangerous)  What about a lamb? (cute, small, gentle) Which one would you rather meet face to face! _________ ,would you read what is written on the bottom. “How blessed the day when the lamb and the lion shall lie down together without any ire.” This is a line from the hymn Spirit of God. This line means that a day will come (meaning when Jesus comes)when there will be peace everywhere! Even animals won’t fight.

*We are going to play a game, if reverent that will help us learn what will happen during this 100 years of peace when Jesus rules the earth.
The lambs and lions are pinned up on opposite sides. Each lion and lamb has an event that will happen during the Millenium written on the back. Your team has to match up the correct lion and lamb to get control of those animals. The colors are to help the younger ones. So what are three events that will happen when Christ comes to the earth.
Game is from Primary Partners Sharing time Fun, Mary Ross

*We need to be thinking about when Jesus comes to the earth and be ready for Him. We need to be choosing the right all the time.

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