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Service Scoops Sharing time

Sharing Time- "When I Serve Others, I Serve God"
September 2013 Week 4

Service scoop clip art from
and printed on construction paper

Today we are going to talk about service. Service is using the talents and gifts that Heavenly Father has given us and using them to bless someone else’s life. Raise your hand if you like to eat ice cream? What do you like about it? (It makes you feel happy, tastes good, there are many different flavors, maybe someone gave it to you, it’s sweet, lots of reasons.) Service can be a little like ice cream. It is sweet to have something done for you and you feel happy when you share your talents with someone. Just like mom feels happy when she gives you ice cream for dessert. There are many ways to serve someone just like there are lots of different flavors of ice cream. Even a little ice cream can make you smile, just as even a little act of kindness can make someone smile. I like to have lots of ice cream scoops and I love doing lots of service whenever I can. So we have learned that we need to serve in our families, and that is a great base to start when we share God’s gifts. (show base of cone) * Have a child hold and tell one way that they have served their family this week. But can we stop here? A cone is nice, but wouldn’t you like some ice cream on it? So we need to serve not only our family, but others around us. Lets discover who we else we can serve because every time we serve someone, we are not only sharing scoops of service, but sharing the gospel at the same time. We are being missionaries just like those many that go around the world serving. We just don't have black name tags!
 (have children pick scoop from a bowl)*** I had painted different color styrofoam balls to look like ice cream, labeled with these different kinds of service. Then I painted a styrofoam cone brown and stuck a dowel through the center. Put holes in each scoop and let the children thread the cones on the cones to create a tall ice cream as we discussed each service scoop. Sorry no picture cause it got thrown away:(   I did make an alternative version out of tinfoil rolled into a ball and covered with various tissue paper  for the ice creams and then a dowel poked a hole through the centers of the balls to hold them up. The cone is just construction paper rolled into a funnel shape.)

1.)    Friends- We can help our friends and neighbors in many ways. We can help with yard work next door, or help our friend if they have had a bad day. (have a child put ice cream scoop for friends on cone)What else can you do for a friend or neighbor?  Have a picture of friends on the chalkboard and have the children tell a way they can serve, by pointing to the correct picture of the friends. (Used picture Primary packet 2-49, boy sharing)
2.)    Enemies- An enemy is someone that doesn’t like you. Jesus taught us in the scriptures that we should not only serve the ones we love, but also the ones that don’t like us for some reason. We should love and serve those people anyways, and even pray for them. I have seen some cases when the person that has a problem with you changes his or her mind and you become friends because you served them. (Have a child string “enemies” scoop on the cone) and find the picture of the children that are fighting and tell a way that the boy in the picture could do better. Use Primary packet picture 1:47(Junior Primary)- or p. 27 of
3.)    Elderly- As people get older, they aren’t able to physically do as much as they used to. If we are able to help our grandparents and others do things to make their life easier, it would make them as happy as when we eat a scoop of ice cream. (Have a child hold the cone and another string the “Elderly” scoop on the dowel. Find the picture of the boy visiting his grandmother and tell a way you can help those that are older and wiser than you. (Used p. 3 of April 2003 Friend )
4.)    Poor- We can help those that may not have as much as we do. Our families can donate items, clothes, food that we are no longer able to use or need to someone that can. This could include people that live outside of our country that have had a bad storm, fire, or earthquake. They may have lost their home and things they need and we can help them if we are able to. (Have child string “Poor” scoop and have a child find the picture of someone helping out the needy or a picture of “Mormon Helping Hands”  Tell a way you can help someone that doesn’t have as much as they do)  (Used picture from Friend cover November 2009)
5.)    Church Members- We can serve at church by helping keep the building clean, sitting reverently in primary so others may be able to learn, say hi to a visitor, help a teacher carry things or set up, support our parents in the ways that they are asked to serve in the ward, (Let child string the “church members” scoop) (Have a child find a picture of someone serving at church and tell a way they can serve or support someone that serves at church.) (Used picture from Primary packet 3-65)
6.)    Community- This goes beyond the people that live just next door. Our families can clean up nearby parks when playing, serve by obeying laws or rules, pick up trash around us, tell an adult if someone gets hurt, (Have a child string the community scoop. Have a child find a picture of someone helping do service in the community.  (Used cover picture from Friend September 2007

We are now going to build a tall ice cream cone by answering questions and see how you might serve a service scoop to different people.  Let see how tall we can make it before time runs out.
(Have the scoops in a bucket with questions of the back. Have a child pull one out and have the children help answer how they would serve a service scoop. Let child layer the scoops on top of each other. (****may need step stool)

Questions on back of scoops-
 (I believe I wrote these questions or possibly from someone else. I apologize if they are, I did this lesson a VERY long time ago. Jump in where credit is due, I will CERTAINLY give it)

You come to play at the park and there is garbage on the ground. How could you serve a service scoop?

Your school teacher is teaching a math lesson and some of the children are being noisy. How could you serve a service scoop?

You mother has had a long day and seems tired. How could you serve a service scoop?

Your friend Zach seems sad today in Primary. What could you do to help?

Your little sister is having trouble putting together a puzzle and seems frustrated. What could you do?

Your dad asks you to clean up your room before dinner. How can you serve a service scoop?

You read or hear about a neighborhood that was flooded by a hurricane. How can you help serve a service scoop?

The school is doing a canned food drive to help give food to those that don’t have much to eat. What could you do to help?

You see a car on the side of the road with a flat tire. How can your family serve a service scoop.

Mom is talking on the phone to someone and your baby brother is crying. How could you serve mom?

You and Tommy are really excited to eat a piece of cake, but there is only one piece left between the two of you. How can you serve a service scoop?

This person at school is mean to you and laughs at you. What could you do to serve a service scoop?

It is Christmastime and you know a family that doesn’t have any money to buy presents for their family. How could your family serve a service scoop?

Your Grandmother has a hard time bending down to pull the weeds in her garden. How could your family serve a service scoop?

Your dad is the Bishop and is very busy at church. What could you do to serve a service scoop?

Your primary teacher needs help holding a picture while she is teaching. How could you help her?

SENIOR- Now we are going to look up some scriptures on serving others, many we just mentioned and try and see if we can memorize a couple. I have scriptures written on a cone and there will be a tower of ice cream on each cone. We will look up the scripture, and see if you can find it before I get the scoops on the cone and then we will cover the words on this posterboard with the scoops(I made wordstrips of the scripture on the posterboard, but these scriptures could be written on a rolling chalkboard and words erased) Try and remember as much as of the scripture as you can without looking at your scriptures. We will have one of you the ice cream tower as a pointer and help lead the Primary.

1.)    Friends, Neighbors – D&C 59:6- “ Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

2.)    Church members- D&C 4:3- “Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work;”

3.)    Community- Mosiah 2:17- “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God.”

4.)    Poor, Countries in need- Psalms 72: 13- “He shall spare the poor and needy, and shall save the souls of the needy.”

5.)    Elderly-D&C 24: 7 “For thou shalt devote all thy service in Zion; and in this thou shalt have strength.”

6.)    Enemies- Matthew 5: 44 “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;”

I hope you will go home and try and scoop as much service as you can with your family to neighbors, the poor, enemies, church members and many others that are in need. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.


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