Friday, February 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Sharing time

Sharing Time- We Should Thank Our Heavenly Father for all our Blessings
November 2013 week 4
There is a new theme for this week and it is: We Should Thank Our Heavenly Father for all our Blessings. The scriptures read, “Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things.” In D&C 59:7
The cornucopia is the symbol of plenty or abundance. It is usually shown filled to overflowing with fruits, flowers, and grain.
At Thanksgiving time, we give thanks for all of our blessings. Sometimes we have so many blessings that it is hard to name all of them.
We are going to explore some of the blessings that we should be thankful for in our lives during Sharing time. It's a sharing time of blessings and I am excited to hear what you are thankful for.
We have a cornucopia here that needs some help. It is missing the "abundance" that makes a cornucopia so wonderful to look at. We need to fill it with things that we are thankful for. I put a blessing already on it, Jesus Christ because he is the biggest blessing in my life. That is why he is the biggest food, the pumpkin that we will put in the cornucopia today. Primary members will help me shop at the blessing grocery for some more food to help our cornucopia become a little more abundant. We will discuss each blessing written on the food and fill up the cornucopia until we have five blessings. Then I will secretly remove a few blessings and see if you can figure out which blessing has been taken off. We will select the picture from the board that is the missing blessing. Then we can discuss what life might be like without that special blessing in our lives. (for example: (Remove the blessing that reads, "Prophet" and have a Primary member find the picture of the blessing that was removed(picture of Prophet) and discuss If we didn’t have a prophet, we couldn’t get new directions from Heavenly Father, etc…)

Parents- (written in an apple clipart)- We should be thankful for our parents in our lives because they do so much for us. They give us the apples to eat so we can be strong physically and the spiritual fruit to be strong spiritually. Matching picture- Children giving flowers from Primary picture packet 1-46

World(written on lemon clipart)- We should be thankful for the beautiful world that Jesus Christ created under Heavenly Father's direction.What kinds of things should be thankful for in the world? Sometimes our world can be sour like the lemon and we need to ask Heavenly Father for help making good choices. Matching picture- World from primary picture packet 1-1 or GAK 600

Gospel- (written on strawberries clipart)- We should be thankful for the gospel in our lives. Strawberries have seeds in them. The seeds could represent the many souls that we could share the gospel with and, in turn, could grow and spread gospel seeds of their own.

Home- (Written on Tomato clipart) This home grown tomato should remind us to be thankful for our home and the blessings we enjoy within it's walls. What are you thankful in your home? Matching picture- Loving home- primary packet picture 2-02

Body(Written on corn ear clipart)- This is an ear of corn. We should be thankful for our own ears and the rest of our body. What can your body do that you are thankful for? Matching picture- I Can Dress from Primary packet 1-50

Prophet-(Written on Potato clipart)- Potatoes are a staple in many people's diet around the world. That means that they are accessible and constantly a part of their meals providing nourishment. We should be thankful for the Prophet in our lives. He is a staple in our daily life that can provide spiritual nourishment constantly. Matching picture- President Monson

Scriptures- (Written on Sweet potato clip art)- Reading your scriptures daily can be as sweet as this sweet potato. We should be thankful for the scriptures and a way to say thank you to Heavenly Father is to read them every day. What story are you thankful for in the scriptures? I like the story of the one leper that came back to thank Jesus for healing him. Matching picture- Girl reading scriptures from primary picture packet 3-23

Sacrament- (Written on grape clipart)- We may use water instead of grape juice to represent the sacrament in our church, but the meaning is the same as when Jesus Christ gave the sacrament to His disciples. We should be thankful for the sacrament, what Christ did for us and say thank you by remembering Him always. Matching picture- Passing the Sacrament from Primary picture packet 1-08

Temple- (written on fruit, could use a white fruit)- When we go to the temple, we receive greater fruits of the spirit. We should be thankful that there are so many temples around the world and that are so close to us that can help seal our families for eternity. Matching picture- Picture of a temple

Talents- (written on crookneck squash clipart)-  Crookneck squashes are all crookneck squashes, but each is a little different than the rest of the harvest. We are all different, being blessed with different talents to bless the lives of others. What talent are you thankful for in your life? Matching picture- girl playing guitar from OLD GAK p.17 Sorry!!! Use a talented picture!

Teachers- (written on a pear clipart only cause my name is pronounced "PEAR" "GLARE") We should be thankful for the teachers that are in our lives. They do so much for you and you can thank them by showing love and respect. Often times, reverence is a way to show thank you. Matching picture- Teaching a class from Primary picture packet 3-66

Animals- (written on miscellaneous food)- We can be thankful for the animals in our world. They can be pets or just those around us. What animal are you thankful for? Matching picture- Fish 1-25 and the children will shout, "Nemo" so be prepared!

Missionaries- (Written on wheat clipart)- We should be thankful for the missionaries. The scriptures say in Doctrine and Covenants, "For behold the field is white already to harvest..." The missionaries spend each day out in the field preparing souls for spiritual harvest. They help the church grow and we should be thankful for them. Matching picture- Missionaries from Primary picture packet 3-69

(Last food item) Prayer- (written on the back of eggplant clipart)- How do we thank Heavenly Father for all the blessings that are in the cornucopia? By praying to Heavenly Father and expressing our gratitude. We should "plant" a prayer in our hearts always of thanksgiving. (show picture "Thanksgiving from Friend 1999 cover) I hope that when you gather around with your family this Thanksgiving you will remember the many blessings that you are thankful for. This cornucopia is full now with blessings a plenty to match your own lives. I am thankful for all my blessings, In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

   You can find a copy of the file named, "Cornucopia FOOD" at my Skydrive: *I printed these foods on colored construction paper because I didn't have a color printer, this explains the MANY pages, haha!


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